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TF17 : The needs of the oh so many…


Well after the last few months it’s high time the Federation went about hosting visitors from some of the great powers, to reassure them that all is well. Thanks to a computer mishap all our information about 4 visiting groups of diplomats has been scrambled! It’s an absolute mess! We could looking at diplomatic incidents with everyone if we don’t get this sorted!

We’re not sure how many staff each delegation is bringing, how many ambassadors in each group, or even which month they’ll be visiting in! We’ve got to get this sorted so we can make sure we know who’s visiting each month and how many staff to make sure we get room booking sorted and we don’t accidentally serve gagh to a Romulan, or tulaberries to a Tholian!

Luckily for us Starfleet officers are a pretty clever bunch and we’re pretty sure you’re up to the task of sorting out the details from our only confirmed facts about the soon to occur visits.

  1. The Dominion delegates are either the group with 3 ambassadors or 40 staff
  2. The delegates with 40 staff either has 4 ambassadors or represent the Tholians
  3. The delegates with 4 ambassadors visits 1 month after the the delegates with 30 staff
  4. The delegates with 20 staff visit 2 months after the Klingon visit
  5. Of the group with 4 ambassadors and the Dominion delegation, one visits in August and the other has 20 staff
  6. Of the Klingon delegates and the group with 40 staff, one has 2 ambassadors and the other visits in August

To help we’ve supplied a hand grid to assist.


  • Submissions must include which species, how many ambassadors and how many staff are visiting each month. There are no duplicates.
  • Judging is done by correct entries and order of submission.
  • Entry may be done by text or by drawing on the supplied table.


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Acker Kather 763 2021-10-15 17:53:20
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2021-10-13 19:18:38
Sam Aubrey 239 2021-10-13 15:54:38

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