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Ten Forward served as the backdrop for many important conversations and moments on Star Trek: The Next Generation. So named for its position on the forward end of Deck Ten, this lounge was preferred both by the senior officers and the rest of the crew for its views of space, and the drinks and advice provided by Guinan.

What is the lounge like on your ship? Or does it just have a mess hall, like Voyager did? Does it have a special name? Which direction does it face? Who runs it?

Answering those questions is the purpose of this competition! Did you know that every ship in the fleet has an article on the Bravo Fleet wiki, and that you can edit your ship’s page? For this competition, you’ll be editing your ship’s page to include a short description of the most important lounge on your ship or station.

(This is also a great opportunity to do any other edits you want on that page, such as summarizing its participation in any recent fleet events or other stories you’ve already written!)

Your description should provide a reader with enough information to visualize your ship’s lounge (or mess hall or other such space) without including any pictures. Feel free to add an image in later, after the competition is over, but the task here is to be descriptive and specific in words.

Questions to consider in your description:

  • What’s your lounge called? Why’s it called that?
  • Where’s your lounge located?
  • Is it for everyone or just senior officers?
  • Who runs the lounge? (This will also help you in another competition.)
  • What’s the decor like?
  • Are there any special events held there?
  • Is it the only lounge on the ship/station? If it’s a mess hall, how does the crew make do/make it festive?

There are no word limits or minimums for this competition, and it will be judged solely on the basis of how descriptive and unique your lounge is. To enter, submit a link to your ship’s page in the competition entry, linking directly to the sub-section of the article talking about your lounge, like so:

(To get this link, click on the table of contents link to the section.)


  • Your lounge, mess hall, or other equivalent space must be aboard your own command, whether that be a ship or station. Members who do not yet have a command are encouraged to acquire one!
  • The description should be put directly on the wiki on your own ship or station's article, in a sub-section, and then linked in the competition entry.
  • Entries will be graded on descriptiveness, creativity, and encyclopedic tone.
  • Entries should be written in the present tense.


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