Holodeck Heroes

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Lead Judge

Start Date
5 June 2021

End Date
25 June 2021


Before participating in a competition, please read and understand our competitions policy. Please do not share your results or submit multiple entries. Violations of these rules are punishable by the Magistrate Office.


If you have a question about our rules or one of our competitions, please contact the Office of the Chief of Staff.

Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

After a long and hard shift aboard the USS Kansas, a Starfleet officer finds a way to unwind.

Thankfully, they’d booked time in the Holodeck.

Heading back to their room, they donned the replicated gear to fully immerse them in their fantasy, fighting frostworms on the cold glaciers of Juriat II.


  • Head to Heroforge.com and create a miniature of your officer in their Holodeck gear using the model maker.
  • Your officer can be any federation species you wish, and I will judge you based on how faithfully you can recreate that species within Hero Forge (including potentially docking points if the representation of the species is off)
  • The gear must in some way appear appropriate for the setting depicted (fighting a creature on a polar planet).
  • All submissions must be submitted through the 'Submit Entry' form, including a screenshot of your miniature (which you can acquire by tapping the 'Hero*' tab at the top of Heroforge's interface and clicking 'Screenshot').
  • Submissions will be judged based on overall creativity, including use of color, posing, outfit choices, and depiction of a Star Trek species if you choose not to create a Human.