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Operational Readiness Protocols: Captain on Deck!


‘I don’t understand, Lieutenant.’ Doctor Lawcross gave the amiable smile of a practitioner who knew his work was about to be hijacked by politics. ‘Every command officer in the fleet has been subjected to a routine psychological evaluation.’

‘That’s the problem, Doctor,’ said Lieutenant Dathan. The walls of Doctor Lawcross’s office were resplendent with certificates of his competence, or pictures of smiling colleagues and family. Tasteful, professional. Comfortable. ‘The Admiral wants a little more than routine.’

‘I’m not augmenting Admiral Beckett’s personnel records with confidential information -’

‘Of course not,’ Dathan said, unsure if she was lying. That part wasn’t up to her. ‘But we have officers of the Fourth Fleet now on intense assignments with less support than ever. In the interests of Federation security, you and I both have to be confident they’re fit for the job, don’t we? It’s essential that medical experts like you and intelligence experts like me know everything we need to know about these captains and commanders.’

‘I suppose…’

‘And so do I, only, suppose. Unfortunately, doctor, this isn’t about supposition.’ She extended the PADD. ‘It’s about the Admiral’s orders.’

Everyone in Bravo Fleet has a Primary Character listed on their dossier. We don’t intend for that to be your first or favourite character in a sim, but something more. OOC, they’re the face of your BFMS dossier, the name attached to the ship you’ll get when you make Lieutenant Commander. The ‘avatar’ as you engage with Fleet activities, progress through the ranks, and win awards. Their adventures can happen in fiction or in competitions or even just in your head, but if they’re on the dossier, they’re real to Bravo Fleet.

IC? They’re a ship commander, or at least a ship commander-in-waiting. A Bravo Fleet officer, answering to their TFCO and following missions pursuing their Task Force’s mandate. And the Lore Office wants to know who they are.

This competition is to produce a biography for your primary character – the character on your dossier who is or will be commanding the ship you can request once you reach Lieutenant Commander. As a ship commander, they will be an officer in 2399 assigned to one of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Forces (your Task Force, in fact!), holding your OOC rank (or below, if you like!).

If you’re still a junior officer, you have a few options. Remember you’ll only be a junior officer for a few weeks! So the Lore Office encourages a little imagination here. Perhaps your Primary Character is a junior officer in 2399, about to make the leap to Lieutenant Commander (or higher!) and starship command. Perhaps you’d rather write a biography for them as they will be when they make starship captain in 2399. Or maybe you stick to the rank, but not the year, writing about them when they were a Lieutenant, or a Cadet, in the 2370s, 80s, 90s. The choice is yours!


  • The character biography must be written on BFMS and assigned as your primary character on the BFMS dossier. Submissions should contain a link to that biography.
  • The biography must be at least 800 words in length.
  • Biographies do not have to be new; pre-existing ones will be accepted.
  • Entries will be graded on, 1: How well the character’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and interests are developed. 2: How well their early years and personal life, as well as notable figures such as friends and family are presented, 3: How well their service history in Starfleet is detailed, such as Academy life or specific missions that stand out on their record, 4: Adherence to Star Trek canon.
  • Grammar and spelling will not be important judging criteria but will be used to break ties.


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