As Time Goes By…: [Phase 3]: ‘Tales from the Captain’s Table’ – Part 3

Lead Judge
James Preston McCallister

Start Date
29th August 2020

End Date
12th September 2020


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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Our final visit to ‘The Tavern’ with Cap!

Players must write up an account from their character’s background which involved them being sent back in time and how they witnessed a particular significant event from the past. This may include history from Earth, or a different planet as well as Federation history. They must then end their post on being approached by Lucsly and Dulmur, the two agents from the Department of Temporal Investigations and having to be debriefed by them (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: “Trials and Tribble-ations”). A maximum of 3000 words will be set. Posts must be submitted to the BF Forums.

Please use this title at the start of your post so we know it is part of the competition: Tales From The Captain’s Table – Part III. 



  • How you integrate your character into the historical event and make it appear realistic.
  • How your character prevents the timeline form being affected and ensure the Temporal Prime Directive is followed.
  • The quality of originality and description that makes the reader believe the character was there.