The 47 Scramble


Congratulations, Captain! You’ve safely traversed the badlands, and your ships seem to be intact. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the last ship. Your current challenge is that your sensors are malfunctioning, and you can’t locate Deep Space 47. Utilizing the data provided, attempt to calibrate your sensors and chart a course to Deep Space 47.

Please bear in mind that Beans’d It & Food is offering half-price drinks for the next 30 minutes, so try not to take too long.


  • Submissions must include a screenshot of the completed puzzle, including the time taken to complete it.
  • Entries will be graded by the time taken to complete the puzzle. Ties will be broken by time taken between competition start and submission, as tracked by BFMS
  • The puzzle must be completed with 198 pieces and can not be adjusted.

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User ID Date Entry
Reva Sarrik 2185 2024-04-04 20:11:29
Ryoko Takato 2545 2024-04-03 12:48:33
Alcyone Brennan 2765 2024-04-03 10:46:33
Orila Karai 2263 2024-04-02 08:30:00
Hina Morishita 2854 2024-04-02 06:24:53
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2024-04-01 07:24:03
Samantha Hyland 1295 2024-04-01 05:10:11
Imya Jori 10 2024-04-01 03:02:00
Mamof 2848 2024-04-01 00:54:55

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