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The Lucky Crewmember


Garden Q&A: Try your luck with four-leaf clover

Welcome to the Luck Crewmember, a writing competition that explores the concepts of luck set in the Star Trek Universe. Imagine a member of your primary command who possesses an extraordinary gift: they are unnaturally lucky. This luck is not a mere superstition but an actual force that shapes their lives unexpectedly. It could be narrowly avoiding a dangerous event, stumbling upon a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem, or being in the right place at the right time to witness a key moment in history.

However, as with any gift, there’s a catch. Good luck always comes with a price. It could be a personal sacrifice, a moral dilemma, or a test of character. Your character must navigate the complexities of serving in Starfleet while wrestling with the impacts of their unique ability. The possibilities are as endless as the universe itself. So, let your creativity run wild and explore how luck shapes the life of your character. Remember, it’s not just about winning the competition; it’s about the journey of self-discovery, if you will.


  • Stories should be submitted directly to the BFMS, and your entry should be a link to the published story. Stories should be at least 1000 words and no more than 1,500 words.
  • Stories will be graded in accordance with the Bravo Fleet Fiction Rubric, which marks on the following criteria: Language, Style, & Mechanics; Adherence to Canon; Perspective; Characterization; Originality; Use of the Prompt.
  • This story must be created after this competition opens and before it closes, so as not to reuse any existing stories. This will be judged based on the publication date of the story within the BFMS.
  • Your story must be a single-author post, not a joint post.


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