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USS Aurora

Nova-class • NCC-72321 • Task Force 86

The USS Aurora has earned a name for itself over the last few years as a pathfinder, scout, and tracker, in addition to it’s already excellent reputation as a Science vessel. Assigned to Task Force 86, and focused on the areas around The Triangle, the Nova-class vessel has found itself on the trail of more than one pirate, thief, or murderer over the years, at the behest of Starfleet and local authorities. Captain Robert O’Malley, leveraging the brilliant scientific minds aboard, has a flawless record of finding his targets.

When they’re not acting as a hunting party, the USS Aurora has been witness to incredible spacial events and once in a lifetime scientific discoveries. They thrive in the realm of mysterious readings and unheard of phenomenon, and none of the crew can wait for the next thing, hiding just behind the stars.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 1849