USS North Carolina (NCC-84703)

After encountering a Borg probe in a California class starship, the crew has now gotten an upgrade and has been assigned to the USS North Carolina.


Rhode Island-class • NCC-84703 • Task Force 93

As a part of Task Force 93, The USS North Carolina is part of Starfleets Humanitarian Operations. The Rhode Island class starship has recently been assigned to the former crew of the USS Sausalito. The crews main objectives have been upgraded to more exploring and assisting in tactical situations where needed. They continue to use Starbase Ten as their home base and can now venture further out then the Romulan space they previously patrolled.

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12 May 2024

Journey Home

USS North Carolina: Careful What You Wish For

“What do you mean you’re not going?” asked Xifel. “Exactly what I said. Not going.” replied Xifer “But he was our father.” “He was an ass. You didn’t see it as much as I did. Apparently, you being two whole minutes younger meant you got to be shielded from the abuse that mom and I [...]

13 January 2024

Family Affair

USS North Carolina: Careful What You Wish For

Lorilen looked back at the table and, for the one millionth time, wondered if it was right. She was really nervous about tonight. First off, she and her daughter, Leana, hadn’t had a family dinner together in quite some time. It had also been a while since they had had a guest over to eat with [...]

29 December 2023


USS North Carolina: Careful What You Wish For

Alen stood once everyone had arrived and took their seats. “Afternoon all. Thank you for joining me. I spent this morning with the brass here on the base and after some back and forth, I was granted permission to make some important changes before we launch in a few days.” he informed [...]

25 December 2023

It's Merry, Not Mary

USS North Carolina: Careful What You Wish For

Xifel found himself humming as he made his way down the corridor. They had a new ship, new quarters and now they were getting new crew members. He was pretty excited. The doors to the quarters that he shared with his twin brother parted as he approached and he entered to find Xifer sitting at the [...]