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USS Arimathea (Archive)

Task Force 17

Newly assigned to Task Force 17, the USS Arimathea is an extraordinary Centaur-II class science vessel cruising through the stars on a mission of exploration. Its crew, a diverse tapestry of species and talents, all united in their pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Under the distinguished command of Captain Giarvar Kauhn, a Trill officer of exceptional expertise and former executive officer of the renowned USS Hathaway, the Arimathea embarks on a challenging mission that pushes the boundaries of knowledge in the vastness of space.

Commissioned as a small exploration starship in the 2380s, the Arimathea represents an update to the venerable Centaur-class scout vessels. With a unique blend of Starship technology spanning three generations, this refit vessel is a testament to its enduring design and continued relevance over a century since its initial construction. However, its idiosyncrasies make it an intriguing anomaly within Starfleet, presenting both advantages and challenges for its dedicated crew, all whilst embodying the spirit of discovery and unwavering dedication to Starfleet’s mandate to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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16 September 2023


USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

For millennia, scientists looked to the heavens and tried to make sense of the universe. From Galileo to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Spock to Zephram Cochrane, knowledge of the cosmos changed the very fabric of life as we know it. Even now, centuries after the memorable first achievement of warp flight, [...]

23 August 2023

Threshold of Discovery

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

Streaking through the fabric of space, the USS Arimathea’s warp nacelles glowed with intensity as it traversed the void. The edge of the Deneb sector was within sight, and the crew’s anticipation was palpable. Captain Giarvar Kauhn stood on the bridge, his gaze focused on the viewscreen that [...]

15 August 2023

A Shared Commitment to Exploration

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

Arimathea‘s bridge buzzed with activity as Captain Giarvar Kauhn re-entered after seeing off Fleet Captain Romaes Anjin in transporter room two, the senior staff at their respective stations, engrossed in their duties. The subtle hum of machinery and the soft glow of control panels filled the [...]

14 August 2023

The Understanding of the Universe Awaits

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

The stellar cartography lab aboard the Arimathea was a haven of softly pulsating lights and holographic displays, each panel projecting a breathtaking panorama of stars, galaxies, and nebulae. Lieutenant Commander Akaria Okan, the ship’s Chief Science Officer, stood at a console, her fingers [...]