Sovereign-class • NCC-75503 • Task Force 17

Immediate successor to the Nebula-class USS Proxima lost during exploration operations in the Gamma Quadrant, the Sovereign-class USS Proxima NCC-75503 has served Starfleet for over twenty years. Having been responsible for dozens of exploratory missions, first contacts and science discoveries, the Proxima’s latest assignment sees the ship serving Task Force 17 of the Fourth Fleet, operating out of Deep Space 17 in the Beta Quadrant. Despite her increasing age, recent tactical advancements and refits mean Proxima is more than suited for the complex missions that no other crew or ship in the Task Force are capable of, far beyond the red line of space previously explored. What she will find along her journey will test the crew to their limits…



RPG Rating 222

Swearing, sexual content and violence are permitted, with some limitations.
Avatars on this command are personal commissions, or located at Sci-Fi Avatars or Free Use from STPMA.

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6 March 2023

CH5: A Mystery Uncovered

USS Proxima: Prometheus Squadron - No Justice, No Peace

“Tell me again how this is supposed to help us investigate the Captain’s death?” Glancing across at Prida, watching the Bajassian lean back and rub her tired eyes with her balled fists, Noli let out a sigh. “It’s a long shot, but we’re looking for anything that might give us some [...]

25 February 2023

CH2: An unexpected delay brings a welcome arrival

USS Proxima: Prometheus Squadron - Redemption

Standing in the transporter room with his hands clasped behind his back, Commander Kauhn couldn’t help but tap his feet in frustration as he waited for the visitor that had been assigned to their vessel at the last minute, putting the brakes on their impending departure for the Typhon Expanse. [...]

16 February 2023

CH4: Strategem

USS Proxima: Prometheus Squadron - No Justice, No Peace

Beyond a hull composed of duranium and tritanium alloys, beyond deck plating and computerised systems, beyond the beating heart of life itself, the raw, ethereal power of the universe reigned supreme. Here, a vast region of space known for its spectacular celestial phenomena surrounded and [...]

11 February 2023

CH3: Familiar Faces

USS Proxima: Prometheus Squadron - No Justice, No Peace

While many believed a starship’s command centre to be the most important place on the ship, those who knew anything about starship design knew that all the power, all the importance, and all the interesting stuff happened in engineering. Whether it was the warp core, or the shields, or the [...]