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Grigor Eisenberg-Sloane

Human Male

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Lieutenant Commander Eisenberg-Sloane


Commanding Officer
USS Wells


Grigor Daan Eisenberg-Sloane

November 10, 2357

Bremen, Germany, Earth


A tall (1.85m), thin (89kg) German man in his early 40s, Grigor has maintained himself well over the years. Though not as solidly built as he was in his early career, he maintains a very stern and intense demeanor that often makes up the difference. His swept-back black hair and well-groomed, if thin, beard are starting to be peppered with grey. Along with thin lines becoming more prominent on his features, these point not only to his aging, but also to the significant and sustained stress Grigor has been under for large portions of his career.


He is a hard-working, religious man with a penchant for boisterousness in social settings and a dry sense of humor. Believes in making the most of every opportunity, doing what can be done when it can be done, and when needed, striking hard, fast, and decisively. Grigor strives to treat all with respect and dignity, regardless of his own personal feelings. Has a habit of getting as uncomfortably close to the safety margin as possible.

Grigor is a true believer in the ideals of the Federation and a highly analytical and professional person. It takes him a while to trust people, but once that trust has been gained, it is strong and lasting betrayed. Has a very duty-first mindset that can make it difficult to get close to people personally and ever truly set his work down. Strives to be the best at what he does. Does not want an eventual command of his own, believing himself to work best in support roles.

Likes- Intelligence, cleverness, modern literature, military history, good beer
Dislikes- Pirates, willful ignorance, sloppy work, people who try to kill him


Grigor Daan Eisenberg-Sloane was the sixth of seven children born to Marius and Natasha Eisenberg-Sloane, the third born during their residence in Bremen, Germany. Marius served as pastor for the Holy Trinity Church of the Third Reformation and Natasha remained at home with the children, doing occasional work as a holonovelist.

As a child, Grigor’s parents encouraged him to learn, explore, and carefully examine the information and decisions put before him in addition to instructing him in matters of faith and religion. For young Grigor, this combination of faith and reason came to a tragic test when his brother Walter died unexpectedly while interning at a hospital in Spain during the fall of 2369. This loss impressed two lessons in the boy’s mind: the fragility of life, and that tragedy and loss will happen even in the best-prepared environments.

In 2371, Marius was asked to step into the role of bishop for part of the Berlin region and the family moved to a town near the city. Having had an interest in military history since childhood and wanting to do something for the defense of Earth in the wake of the Dominion War, when a Starfleet recruiter visited the school, Grigor was one of the first to sign up for the entrance exam. His parents were reserved but accepting of his decision.

The first few days at the Academy were difficult ones for Grigor. Having lived predominantly in suburban areas for the vast majority of his life, there had been very few opportunities for direct interaction with alien species. This led to several altercations with more aggressively-minded individuals. Academically Grigor did as he had always done in school: quite well, qualifying for a spot on a Nova trainer during his senior year. Graduating in the top fifteen percent of his class, Grigor was commissioned as an ensign and assigned to the Intrepid-class USS Eisenstein as a member of the Tactical staff.

Over the next two years, Grigor distinguished himself in the department, displaying a knack for exploiting subtle weaknesses and developing a reputation for exacting precision. Investigating mysterious energy readings from a previously uncharted system, the Eisenstein found itself caught in the middle of a war between two of the worlds. Following an unsuccessful attempt to broker a peace accord between the two sides, the Eisenstein withdrew from the system after heavy damage.

Eight months later the Eisenstein was attached to a task force combating an increase in piracy near Orion space. Over the next three months, the task force was successfully able to reduce piracy rates to below previous levels and when the Eisenstein was redeployed, Grigor was offered a transfer to the Akira-class USS Rassilon in 2382 as a replacement for one of the ship’s recently departed Tactical Officers. He accepted the position and remained with the Rassilon , putting the skills learned in the Eisenstein to good use during the Rassilon‘s continued patrol near Orion space.

During a raid on an Orion slave processing station in early 2384, the Rassilon‘spatrol group came under heavy fire from a fleet of Orion and Naussican vessels that had been lying in wait nearby. During the ensuing battle, the Rassilon‘s Chief Tactical Officer was killed. Taking over, Grigor was able to coordinate with the rest of the patrol group to hold off the pirate fleet long enough for away teams to be recovered and an escape made, disabling half a dozen pirate vessels in the process through the use of “unorthodox weapon solutions.” Upon return to spacedock, Grigor was assigned to the position of Assistant Chief Tactical Officer.

In mid-2486 the Rassilon was reassigned to track down and arrest Kej Tal, an Orion pirate and mercenary who had begun to form a new cartel within Federation space. By the end of the year, the Rassilon‘s crew had been able to locate Kej Tal’s base of operations, surviving numerous engagements with numerically superior forces. The Rassilon was attached to Operation Uppercut to lead the engagement with Kej Tal’s forces. The operation was a success, but the Rassilon was destroyed. Following the completion of the operation and the subsequent inquiry into the loss of the Rassilon, Grigor applied for a transfer to Starfleet Academy as an adjust instructor. The application was accepted and he spent the next two years on Earth.

While an adequate instructor, Grigor was not particularly suited for academic life and requested a transfer to an active starship role. In 2388, he was assigned to the USS Venture as Chief Tactical Officer. The subsequent assignment of the vessel to the Triangle sorely tested his abilities and ideals during multiple attacks by Romulan separatists and Tal Shiar forces in the Triangle. Most significant was the incident on Ruhoka, one of the Romulan colony worlds, where he was caught up in a Tal Shiar scheme to destabilize the region. As part of a small strike force, Grigor helped assault a Tal Shiar facility on the planet and capture several agents and a significant amount of intelligence, receiving a promotion to full Lieutenant for his efforts.

When the Venture was reassigned, Grigor remained in the Triangle as part of a counterintelligence task force officially tasked with discovering any further Tal Shiar infiltration of Federation space in the area. In actuality the task force was established to provide covert assistance to the Romulan Republic as it established itself. Careful not to become directly involved in internecine conflict between the Romulan factions, Grigor functioned primarily as an analyst and advisor on New Romulus, doing some field work along the Klingon border during skirmishes with the Sovereignty of Kahless and various criminal elements using the conflict as cover for their operations.

In 2392 the task force was recalled to Federation space following an incident involving a former Tal Shier base of operations on Vilnat. While the base itself had been partially destroyed and abandoned for quite some time, there was enough of the computer systems left intact to piece together vague information about previously planned infiltrations of Starfleet by the Tal Shiar. Unfortunately, it also turned out that the base was being used by pirates as a staging ground and the resulting conflict threatened to expose the task force’s presence while also resulting in the destruction of the information, leading to the claims being dismissed.

Following several months of debriefing and reacclimating to being in Federation space, Grigor learned of his parents’ ill health and applied for a leave of absence to return to Earth and assist with their care. Natasha passed while he was in transit and Grigor spent the next eighteen months along with several of his siblings caring for his father before Marius passed as well. In the wake of his parents’ passing and his increasing disagreement with the insular focus of the Federation, he tendered his resignation to Starfleet but was convinced to simply remain on his leave of absence.

As the House of Mo’Kai increased its covert activities along the Federation border, Grigor was called back to active service as an instructor at the Mellstoxx II campus of Starfleet Academy to teach counterintelligence and field operations courses. Still not suited to academic life and seeing that his experience was needed by Starfleet, he requested a transfer to an active starship role and at the conclusion of the academic year in 2397 was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the Inquiry-class USS Dai-Tor as an intelligence officer near the Orion Colonies to investigate suspected House of Mo’Kai activity.

In early 2398, the Dai-Tor‘s patrol group was caught in an ambush by ambitious pirate forces and forced to spend three weeks in the Hromi Cluster evading direct confrontation. During this time the ship took significant damage shielding less combat-capable members of the patrol group from attack. Though not having directly served in the Tactical department for ten years, Grigor was integrated into the department and took over as acting Chief Tactical Officer following an engagement that left significant holes in the ship’s roster. After being forced into a direct engagement, the patrol group was able to successfully destroy the command ships of the pirate forces and escape in the resulting confusion.

The Dai-Tor was recalled to Earth for repair and refit and Grigor was reassigned to Starfleet Command as an intelligence analyst and advisor focusing on the Triangle and the evolving situation with the Romulan successor states. During this assignment he was reunited with several former crewmates and was able to spend time reconnecting with his remaining family on Earth, something he had rarely been able to do over the past few decades. However, this relatively peaceful and stable period of his career was cut short by the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire and in mid-2400, Grigor was assigned to Starbase 86 to assist intelligence work in the region.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2379 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2379 - 2382 Tactical Officer USS Eisenstein
2382 - 2385 Tactical Officer USS Rassilon
2385 - 2386 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Rassilon
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2386 - 2388 Adjunct Instructor Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 Chief Tactical Officer USS Venture
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 Chief Tactical Officer USS Venture
2388 - 2393 Intelligence Officer Counterintelligence Task Force
2393 - 2396 Leave of Absence Earth
2396 - 2397 Instructor Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx II Campus
2397 - 2398 Intelligence Officer USS Dai-Tor
Lieutenant Commander
2398 - 2400 Intelligence Analyst Starfleet Headquarters
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - Present Intelligence Officer Starbase 86
Lieutenant Commander