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26 May 2022

First Flight Part 5

USS Brontes: Training day

The lights grew brighter, the sounds of footsteps growing alongside them. “Captain, at least 5 people coming town that tunnel, one of them is a lot heavier than the others, possibly that Orion we saw near the transporter pads” Thyn whispered to his Captain, Thyn’s antennae twitching and [...]

14 May 2022

First Flight part 4

USS Brontes: Training day

The area around the transporter pad was a hive of activity, miners rushing left and right, orders being yelled back and forth all given a peculiar background tone with the constant tremors that were running through the fabric of the mine. Captain Kohlir quickly looked around, trying to find anyone [...]

4 May 2022

First Flight part 3

USS Brontes: Training day

The medical team ran into Bepon’s quarters, unsure as to what they’d find. Thyn had been sparse on details deliberately to get the medics to attend faster. As the medical team arrived, one of the engineering Ensigns who’s quarters were down the hall from Bepon’s appeared and got the lights [...]

26 April 2022

First Flight Part 2

USS Brontes: Training day

The Brontes was quiet, Captain Kohlir glasch Pef stood on the bridge alone, the light of the Paulson nebula casting twisting shadows across his face. He knew that asking Thyn to keep an eye on Bepon was a dangerous idea, Bepon was well known on Starbase 4 for his anti-Cardassian sentiments and, [...]