Part of USS Brontes: Training day and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

First Flight part 3

Mellstoxx system
April 2399
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The medical team ran into Bepon’s quarters, unsure as to what they’d find. Thyn had been sparse on details deliberately to get the medics to attend faster. As the medical team arrived, one of the engineering Ensigns who’s quarters were down the hall from Bepon’s appeared and got the lights back up and running, several had been smashed during Bepon’s raging’s, the remainder casting a peculiar half-light over the scene. Kohlir lay on his back, his breathing laboured and wheezing as the medics scanned him quickly to assess the damage Bepon’s impromptu blade had caused. Talking softly between themselves, the medics injected the Captain with pain relievers and quickly got him to sick bay, leaving Bepon pinned under the much younger Cadet still.

Moments seemed to stretch to eternity as Thyn waited for other members of the security team to come and take charge of both Bepon and the scene of the attack. The only other ranking Security officer was a Vulcan ensign that Thyn hadn’t had any contact with before. The Vulcan reached the eerie quarters of Bepon, quickly glanced around to get an idea of the situation and turned to the young Cadet, “You have done well Cadet, but I will take over now” He didn’t mean to sound condescending but sometimes it can be taken that way, especially by people not used to Vulcans and their cold seeming logical ways

Thyn straightened up, following the dejected Bepon and the Vulcan to an empty storage area that was being temporarily set up as a detainment area for Bepon until another ship could collect him and take Bepon back to Starbase Bravo for evaluation. “What will happen to Bepon?” Thyn asked quietly as they made their way to the aft storage bay “The USS Exeter will come and collect him for his trial at Starbase Bravo” the Vulcan raised his hand to stop Thyn asking his next question “I know the Exeter is a training vessel but it has the facilities and crew that we do not to safely transport Bepon to where he can be assessed, plus we still have to complete our mission to the miners of Mellstoxx V” Thyn nodded sadly at the news. “What is troubling you cadet?” the Vulcan asked, eyebrow raised in surprise. “I don’t know how to feel sir, I know what Bepon did is wrong but I can understand why he hates Cardassians and those who sided with them during the Bajoran Occupation. I don’t think I’d feel any less angry at anyone who occupied my homeworld” Thyn spoke softly, his antennae drooping slightly with the sad tones of his voice. “That is only natural cadet, you would want revenge despite how illogical it would be to seek it” the Vulcan replied coldly 

An hour later, Kohlir was released from sickbay, his wound healing but still very sore for him. He called Thyn up to the bridge, his voice cracking slightly as his throat had been hit during Bepon’s takedown. “Thyn, I wanted to thank you for saving me, if it wasn’t for your quick thinking and reactions there’s a good chance he’d have killed me” Kohlir looked almost embarrassed admitting this, especially to a Cadet “If you hadn’t reacted the way you did, I wouldn’t be here. After we complete our mission to the mines, you’ll be getting a commendation from me for this” Thyn looked puzzled and surprised “I was just doing my duties Sir, nothing more” Kohlir chuckled softly, wincing as he did “You are so damned Andorian sometimes Thyn, always putting others and duty before yourself. You’ll be a fine officer one day Thyn, I’m very sure of that” shaking his head gently as he spoke. Kohlir had served alongside several Andorians over his 15 year Starfleet career and always found they had a similar trait of putting duty before anything else. “Thank you Sir” Thyn replied, trying to keep a smile off his face but the movement of his antennae betraying his emotions again

The ship’s navigational computer beeped, causing Thyn to start. “It’s alright Thyn, we’ve arrived in orbit of Mellstoxx V. Time to get down there and see what help we can be. I know it’s your first mission outside of the training runs but I want you down there just in case the situation has deteriorated since our departure. Keep your phaser handy too, we may need it if the cave in has cut anyone off” Thyn nodded quickly and check that the phaser the Captain had given him earlier was safe on his hip and powered down after the incident with Bepon. “Lets of make sure no one else gets hurt today” Thyn whispered, almost to himself as he set off towards the transporter room.


  • I enjoyed how Star Treky this was. There's sci fi action, yes, and I loved the way you set the scene really moodily. It took time for the narrator to scan through the effects of what happened, to the environment and to the people. It created a nice tension as we read through to see what had happened. Even better, there were no easy answers. I appreciated Thyn trying to empathise with Bepon and see his point of view, even though he had been physical restraining him from extreme violence only minutes earlier. It's the Starfleet way! And then, it's time to get on with it, and consider the mission. This has been a satisfying introduction to the character of Thyn indeed.

    May 10, 2022