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USS Achana (Archive)

Task Force 93

A small Raven-class corvette, the Achana’s primary duties are to perform rescue and humanitarian missions while operating out of Starbase Bravo, usually in concert with other Raven-classes or larger Starfleet vessels.

Achana is currently commanded by Lt. Commander Jimena Zelenko, and is serving as a primer for leading a larger starship in the future.

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22 July 2022

Chapter 5: The Power of a Boot

USS Achana: Far from the Raptor's Wings

Prepping Szerenth III for re-habitation was not a particularly complicated assignment. To Tallera’s surprise, the most complicated thing she’d had to do was land the Achana, and the ship was just about able to land itself with its main computer. Once that was done, she’d mostly spent her time [...]

16 July 2022

Chapter 4: First Day on the Job

USS Achana: Far from the Raptor's Wings

Captain’s Log, Jimena Zelenko, Stardate 54868.6 And so begins our first morning aboard the USS Achana. The crew spent much of the past two days settling into the vessel, learning how best to keep her in top form and how to work alongside each other. After a late-afternoon castoff and a short [...]

11 July 2022

Chapter 3: Meet the New Boss

USS Achana: Far from the Raptor's Wings

Tallera anxiously drummed her fingers on the underside of her chair as Commander Zelenko fidgeted with a padd. It had only been a few moments since they’d sat down across from each other at the fountainside table on Starbase Bravo’s promenade, but the brief silence already felt like an eternity [...]

9 July 2022

Chapter 2: From Warbirds to Ravens

USS Achana: Far from the Raptor's Wings

“Thanks,” Tallera said with a small smile as Dreval handed the ensign her bag from the shuttle’s overhead compartment, to which he responded with a nod. Despite all she’d heard about Vulcans from her own people, she couldn’t deny that she was beginning to like the guy. Everything about [...]