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Bernard Carlson

Human Male


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Lieutenant Carlson


Decommissioning Team Member
Avalon Fleet Yards




Bernard William Carlson III


London, England


Bernard William Carlson III’s journey has been a long and arduous one.  His reputation as a difficult engineer has led him to seek one last posting before he considers his Starfleet career a waste.


Tall, angular, and bearded.  Piercing blue eyes sit behind glasses that are more of a choice than a medical condition.


Difficult is one word to describe Bernard William Carlson III.  His dedication to the facts, regulations, and procedures has been a flashpoint in his career and personal life.  Carlson is driven to perfection and desires order above all.  Fellow officers described him as more Vulcan than Human.


Early Life (2371-2389)

Bernard William Carlson III was born to Harold and Jennifer Carlson.  Harold was a cook by trade, and Jennifer was a lawyer.  Neither career interested Bernard.  He started reading books and materials on mechanical engineering as a child.  He apprenticed with a local engineering firm in high school.  In his senior year, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted.  His parents supported his decision.

Starfleet Academy (2389-2393)

The Academy was hard for Bernard as he had always had trouble making friends.  He kept to himself while completing his coursework. This continued through his junior year.  During his senior year, he met Jessica Mans.  They quickly became friends and study partners.  Bernard came out of his shell more.  At graduation, they are assigned to different ships.  Bernard was heartbroken, and they promised to keep in touch.

Starfleet (2393-2401)

Carlson’s eight-year career in Starfleet was marked with difficulty.  His first assignment as an engineering officer on a starship was full of conflict and friction with the Deputy Chief Engineer.

He was reassigned to Starbase One in 2394 for additional training and work experience.  He improved in performance and was able to work on his own and away from others.  In 2395, he applied for an engineer position on the USS Colorado River, an aging Miranda Class.

He found moderate success on the ship and was promoted to Deputy Chief of Engineering in 2397 on the retirement of the former deputy chief.  He was promoted to Lieutenant.  The ship was moved off the line later that year, and Carlson was transferred to the USS Missouri River in 2398.

He struggled once more and was argumentive with his Chief.  Meetings with the counselor and CO were made with little success.  He was demoted from Deputy Chief and transferred to Starbase One in 2399 as an engineering officer.

He found success in the position but became restless.  In 2401, he applied on a lark to Avalon Fleet Yards.

Avalon Fleet Yards