Profile Overview

Azelya Iona Korr

Human Female

Character Description

Pre-Academy History:
Azelya Iona Korr, who most often goes by ‘Azelya ‘ (pronounced the same as the flower), is a very curious-minded individual hailing from the planet Earth. She was born in Osaka, Japan to unknown parents, given up for adoption at birth. Despite advanced medical testing, DNA records, and other technology, she was never able to locate them. As a child, she went between a few foster families before settling with one who carried her to adulthood and taught her a certain respect for life, and a love for Japanese food. No stranger to scrapes, bruises, dirt under her fingernails, she was a very adventurous child.
Throughout her childhood, and early adulthood, one of her main struggles was always her inability to fit in, always feeling like a stranger or an outcast. Making friends was difficult until she realized she was able to protect others and that being physically fit would be her outlet. Stopping bullies at school from harming classmates earned her respect and the first real connections outside of her adopted parents she ever had.
Growing up she always read stories of the brave explorers and mind-boggling battles that took place in space, reading over publicly released Starfleet mission reports like one would read comics. Treasured birthday presents were schematics of alien weapons and books regarding culture and customs from completely other worlds. Complete and rare treasure in her eyes.
Academy History:
When she joined Starfleet Academy, she was quickly swept up into a crazy world of knowledge, new worlds, and crushing amounts of homework. Thankfully her physical prowess and having spent most of her life focusing on physical improvements did pay off and made the long nights, and intense physical education classes and combat training easier than it would have been earlier in her life.
Her academy years were eventful, having poured herself into the life at the cost of having no real relationships, or social life. She became a decorated member of multiple clubs and teams involving combat and even had a stint in the famous Phoenix Squadron. While her major was focused on ‘higher’ academy pursuits, she ravenously consumed any chance to learn more about security, tactical, combat and weapons. Through a series of odd events, she’s managed to hang onto her own phaser and rifle from her early academy days, having grown sentimental about them.
Starfleet History:
Fresh out of the academy, Azelya was assigned with a few other cadets from her class, to the USS Salcombe a Salcombe class medical exploratory ship, first of its kind. The match was one made in heaven, as she had long passed the point of wanting to be far, far away from earth. It was a long and very difficult posting, carrying her through promotions as well as experiences that shaped her beyond any expectations she could have dreamt of.
Over time, Azelya became known among her ship as one of the most trustworthy if stoic security officers. Demonstrating time and time again that she would not let anything harm her crew, ship, or Starfleet. From varied away missions to being captured twice, and even a boarding incident which is still classified, the woman earned her place. It came with a price though, as she suffered physical injuries as well as deeper mental ones. PTSD is a common friend of hers at this point, but she has squeaked by in her medical exams and manages for the moment.
Once the Salcombe returned from its long exploratory jaunt, she was bounced between a series of ships to help aid in revamping their security routines and establishing proper protocols and training, during a time when Starfleet was in dire need of competent security officers. Finally, the orders came down for a real permanent posting though and she reluctantly headed to the USS Legacy, wary of a brand new crew and ship, one with such an interesting Frankenstein history.

Character Summary

Having just served on 5 ships within the past 2 years, Azelya hasn't had much of a home or anything close to a real relationship of any type in a long time. The weary security officer, fresh from improving and streamlining other ships in the fleet has finally been granted a (hopefully) permanent home in the USS Legacy.

Current Assignment