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Profile Overview


Romulan Cisgender Woman

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Sarama


Chief Medical Officer
USS Arondight



Stardate 2370.1 (Age 31)



Doctor Sarama is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the starship Arondight. Born on Romulus, Sarama was evacuated to Vashti in 2383 at age 13 following the deaths of both of her parents in Romulan Imperial Navy service. She was adopted by a Vulcan couple and spent most of her adolescent years on Vulcan itself, where she learned some aspects of Vulcan mental discipline and philosophy. At age 18, Sarama entered the Vulcan Science Academy to become a physician and then completed the training necessary for a direct commission in Starfleet. The Arondight is her third posting. Sarama has an outwardly cool Vulcan habitus but is known for being bitingly sarcastic in moments of stress; indeed, she enjoys playing off of others’ uncertainty about her heritage to keep the upper hand.