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Profile Overview

Liam McCarthy

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant McCarthy




Liam is all business. His job and his sports mean everything to him. He frequently is found working out to vent his frustrations or to stay in shape. He has never had to seek out women, as they have always found him. While he expresses a desire to find the right woman, he never seems to manage to do it or “tests” his partner to the point that they leave.


The only child born to Kevin and Elizabeth McCarthy, Liam has led a childhood where he was the sole focus of his parents’ attention. He was fawned over and spoiled whenever the McCarthy’s had time together.

However, his parents were both in Starfleet, which meant that Liam’s life was constantly in flux. When his parents were on duty and he was not in school, he was forced to take care of himself. Thus, as the years went on, he became highly self sufficient, finding his own sources of amusement.

As his parents and most expected, Liam enrolled in Starfleet at 18. Liam was a dedicated student but also a dedicated competitor in sports. He worked out constantly and became a Parises Square hero. This status brought him a great deal of attention from the opposite sex.

One woman, however, he could not resist. She had flaming red hair and green eyes that danced with mischief and delight. Her alabaster skin shamed the pale moon. Her name was Fiona Kelly. Liam was instantly smitten and his world became hers. There was nothing that he would not do for her. For the last year that they were together in Starfleet, they were inseparable – so much so that Liam’s parents had started to prepare to make wedding plans.

Unfortunately, Fiona’s plans were not the McCarthy’s. Fiona purposely arranged that she and Liam would not share the same first assignment. Furthermore, just before they were to reach their assignments, Liam caught Fiona and another man in a compromising position.

Liam was devastated. That day, he sealed his heart and vowed to devote the remainder of his life to himself first. He has had several relationships since but none last. While women will flock to him to try and “fix” him, Liam, even when in a good relationship will subconsciously find ways to sabotage them.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2380 Flight Officer USS Independence
2381 - 2382 Operations USS Falcon
2383 - 2385 Assistant Chief of Operations USS Hornet
2386 - 2387 Chief of Operations USS Cheyenne
2387 - 2388 Chief of Operations/2XO USS Fitzgerald
2389 - Present Executive Officer USS Astraea