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Profile Overview

Created with Midjourney

Brennan Zale

Ract’l Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Zale


Commanding Officer
USS Resolute


Considered young for his species, most of the time Zale appears to be a human male in his late thirties with a tall, broad-shouldered and muscled build. He has dark blond hair and pale blue-grey-green eyes. He sees perfectly in darkness, with tapetum lucidum eyeshine visible in certain circumstances.

Created with Midjourney
Created with Midjourney


The original strong, silent type, Zale listens far more than he speaks, and considers his words carefully. Some of this is down a personality that is more reserved than that of his siblings, and some is down to the fact that while Ract’l look, walk and talk human, they are not. His natural brain patterns lean more to predatory instinct and he actively works to understand the world from the point of view of non-predatory species.