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Profile Overview

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Ris Kartyk

Bajoran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ris (Rēz)


Deputy Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Alita (Archive)


Ris Kartyk

50674.2 (28 Earth Standard Years Old)

Lonar Province, Bajor


Lieutenant Ris Kartyk is a Bajoran Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Alita. He serves as the vessel’s Deputy Chief Security/Tactical Officer proudly, and is enjoying the opportunity to thrive under Lt. Cmdr. Richards’ guidance in the security realm. He is keen to learn, and constantly making an effort to better himself both personally and professionally. He is gregarious and outgoing and happy to make new friends and strong relationships. He is proud of his Bajoran roots, and his faith in the Prophets is important to him. Still, he is fascinated with the beliefs of other cultures and enjoys learning more about them. Kartyk is wildly loyal to his friends and enjoys getting as many of them together as he can manage to spend time and tell stories. He is a sympathetic and empathic person, often finding himself deeply invested in other’s troubles and helping them solve them.


Kartyk is a handsome man, with strong features. He has a squared face and a strong jawline with cool blue eyes that come across as empathetic rather than cold. His hair is a warm brown, and he generally keeps it short but long enough to be styled to the side. He is fit and muscular but not quite bulky. When in uniform, he is perfectly in line with Starfleet regulations, even forgoing his Bajoran earring without argument. Off duty, he can usually be found in comfortable clothes and much more at ease, with his earring firmly in place.


Kartyk’s friends like to tease him that he has a split personality. When he’s on duty, he is supremely focused and driven. His every move is measured and precise and every choice carefully thought out and considered against all possibilities. Richards has often joked that he’s more focused than their phaser beams, and there’s a lot of truth in that. Kartyk is her right hand man for a reason.

Off-duty, Kartyk is easy-going an approachable. He’s quick to laugh and always has a story to tell or a joke to break the ice. He’s approachable and empathetic and loves to be there for his friends when they need a should to cry on or considerate advice. He loves being in the presence of friends and family and wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

He credits a lot of his ability to manage this balance of personalities on meditating after his shifts to allow him to leave his stresses with the Prophets.


Early Life

Kartyk was born on Bajor just as the Dominion War began. During the ugliest days of the conflict, he was blissfully unaware that anything was wrong. His family survived in tact and his home was largely unaffected. They were kind and loving and grateful for a healthy, happy child when so many had lost so much. Kartryk grew up on a Bajor that knew very little with regard to conflict. The worst of the Cardassian occupation was years before, and the struggles with the regional governments were largely sorted by the time Kartyk was old enough to care.

Kartyk’s home life was loving and understanding, full of appreciation to the Prophets, and quality time spent together. He wanted for nothing, and hoped for the stars. Even at an early age, Kartyk found his eyes wondering up to the night sky almost on their own every time he went out after dark. The thin arcs of ship engines breaking atmosphere and the pin pricks of stars called to him like sirens.

In school, Kartyk found a natural cadence with his friends and easily fell into the role of group protector. He stood up to bullies, scared off angry dogs, and general made sure the people around him stayed safe. His father, who had been a member of the Bajoran resistance during the Occupation, had instilled these ideals in him from an early age. To this day, Kartyk often repeats his father’s adage: “Those who are strong must make the balance for those who are not.”

Starfleet Academy

Kartyk’s family had hoped that he would go into the Bajoran Defense Force or some other localized government or peacekeeping agency, but none of them were surprised when his choice of path lead him to Starfleet Academy. While it wasn’t their preference, they supported him completely and cheered him through his successes and failures.

Kartyk did well in the Academy in general, but found his true success in the Security focus. All of the training, drills, and combat scenarios were right up his alley, and to him those classes were basically recess. Kartyk was able to demonstrate a potential for leadership immediately, often taking control of the situations more effectively than Cadets who were senior to him. He chose Security and Tactical Operations as his focus before the end of his Freshman year as a Cadet; A move that surprised no one.

Kartyk completed his Academy career with a solid standing, though his average grades in Engineering left him out from any major accolades. His record in Security and Tactical classes were exemplary, and he was chosen to serve on the USS Einstein as his first assignment. He had served his senior tour there and thoroughly impressed the ship’s CO with his tenacity.

Starfleet Career

Kartyk is serving on his second vessel in his Starfleet Career. His initial assignment to the Einstein at the request of Captain Nicholas Rowe was successful and largely uneventful, save for him proving himself as a security officer. His current assignment to the Alita has been far more notable, with his direct superior, Lt. Cmd. Melody Richards, immediately seeing potential in him and setting him up for advanced training, as well as his direct participation in the Liberation of Sevury. He feels like he’s found a good place to grow and get real experience at this time, and is excited for what the future will bring.

USS Einstein

Kartyk was hand-picked for his position in the Security Department on the Rhode Island-class Einstein by the ship’s CO, Captain Nicholas Rowe. Rowe had been extremely impressed by Kartyk’s dedication and skill level during his senior tour aboard the Einstein, and knew he wanted the young officer aboard his ship. Over the five years that Kartyk served aboard the Einstein, he was quickly promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade and took on many key roles within the Security Department, working directly with their Chief of Security, Lt Cmd. Nigel Reese, on many assignments.

USS Alita

It was a hard decision, but when the option to take a position on the Alita came, Kartyk took it… but not right away. Kartyk’s immediate response was to cry “loyalty” and stay with the Einstein and Lt. Cmd. Reese, but Reese wasn’t having it. Taking a look at the operational orders for the Alita and the ships manifest, he knew that Kartyk would thrive there. He was also very familiar with Lt. Cmd. Richards, having gone through his Academy Courses with her already. After a long talk with his Kartyk, Reese was able to convince him to take the position and move on to bigger and better things.

Within a few months of serving under Lt. Cmd. Richards, she saw his potential. She already was expecting a lot after the letter of recommendation she’d seen from Reese, but even with that, Kartyk impressed. Richards, no stranger to advanced Security trainings herself, immediately recommended Kartyk to the Academy Advanced Studies program and had him go through the Advanced Tactics and Combat Course, as well as SAR Operations, and Anti-Boarding Procedures to ensure that she had at least one other person on her team that could act as her second in heavy combat or special situations.

Little did Kartyk realize how important that training would be in his first year. Enter: Sevury.

The Lost Fleet’s surprise appearance and occupation of Sevury was not something anyone expected. Kartyk had only just completed his advanced training when Richards selected him to be on the team to liberate the surface. It was a tense and dangerous operation, and the effectiveness was still unclear. They had managed to liberate the Federation HQ in charge of the planetary defense grid and reactivate it, but not before the Dominion forces did substantial damage to major cities and made away with an alarming amount of resources.

Kartyk was in the thick of it, protecting Lt. Nadine French, Alita’s Chief Engineer, as she worked to regain control of power distribution so that Richards and Cmd. Frankie Juarez, Alita’s XO, could reactivate the defense grid. The fight was like nothing he’d ever seen, and his participation in it earned him a commendation for bravery in combat.

Kartyk had much to reflect on after that mission, and has spent a lot of time talking with Richards about his thoughts and feelings afterward. He was proud of his work as part of the team, but the carnage of battle wasn’t easy. Still, his dedication never wavered and he’s excited to see what adventures the Alita will bring.

Personal Life

Kartyk doesn’t have anyone from a romantic sense at the moment, but he does have a decent group of close friends. He’s often seen in the ship’s lounge talking with a handful of them. He enjoys having folks over to watch movies or have dinner or just to share a couple drinks and talk.

In his spare time, he enjoys running spy and mystery holonovels in the holodeck, and playing bocce ball and soccer. He also enjoys trick shooting with his sidearm phaser and old earth slug throwers. In his quiet moments, he can be found meditating or praying to the prophets and reflecting on his good fortune in the world.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2395 Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy
2395 - 2399 Security Officer USS Einstein
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Deputy Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Alita