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Profile Overview

William Hume

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hume


Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Luna


William Jacob Hume




An ensign serving in Starfleet. Adopted as a young child by the Hume family.


An athletic human male. Caucasian in his early twenties, he has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. At 6’1” he is of slightly above average height.


Laid back and friendly William Hume enjoys the company of friends, as much or more than duty. Less concerned with personal career ambition he is much more concerned with living a good life, having fun, and being comfortable with himself and others around him than career advancement of personal accolades.

William is loyal to those above and below him in the rank organization. He learns toward justice in social situations and will stand up for those he can, and is less afraid of rank and so has been known to argue with higher ranking officers when orders are unfair. These outbursts are seldom and have thus far not negatively affected his career in Starfleet.

Hume is most loyal to his adoptive family. Though there are sibling tensions with his older sister, they are close. His adoptive father died in the Dominion War and thus the remaining three are as close as officers on opposite ends of the galaxy can be.


Early Years (2376 – 2394)

William Hume was adopted into the Hume family, a family with a long tradition of serving in Starfleet. With both of his adopted parents serving on different vessels there was little chance to birth a child and so after having their eldest Victoria, they had begun to explore various other options to grow their family. William’s biological parents had been killed in an emergency shuttle accident while enroute to give birth to him.

His formative years were spent at his adoptive mother’s side at Starbase 11, which was felt to be a stable environment for the youngest child. His sister Victoria lived with their father aboard his vessel a Galaxy class ship. On the starbase he attended school, but returned to Earth at the start of grade eight to live with his aunt and attend an Earth based high school in the Hume’s earth home of Vancouver. The Hume children’s father died during the Dominion War. William was not as close, having not lived with his father extensively at any point.

He found that he fit in well on Earth and played on the second line of the high school ice hockey team, and ran track and field. He also found that his sister, something of an over achiever, at times cast a long shadow which was difficult to fight out from under.

Though it went unsaid the pressure of expectation was that he would enroll in Starfleet Academy after graduation. Though she had her own doubts about her future, his sister was already there and William felt that this additional burden to live up to his family legacy because he was adopted. He thus gave up a small hockey scholarship to attend a college in America and applied for Starfleet.

Academy Years (2395 – 2399)

William attended Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. There his easy going laid back nature helped him make friends and he had an expansive social circle. His grades tended to be middle of the road, he never stood out for being either extremely clever or extremely problematic. Though not dumb by any means he tended to be better at physical duties and courses and won a few medals as a member of the Academy’s track and field team.

Instructors steered him toward security and operations as particular fields of study and by his final year he had set a security officer’s career goal for himself.

Service Years (2400 – )

Assigned out of the Academy to the USS John Lennon as a security Ensign was William’s first posting. He served there capably before being transferred to the USS Anaheim where he eventually became Assistant Chief Security Officer. On his second mission with the Anaheim to colony world Hahana III Hume took charge of a defensive phaser battery managing to protect the colony from a suspected pirate atrack while under fire from a ship in orbit. His bravery and quick acations helped to save hundreds of civilian lives while risking his own and he was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2399 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2400 - 2401 Security Officer USS John Lennon
2401 Assistant Chief of Security USS Anaheim
2401 USS Seattle Assistant Chief of Security
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Luna
Lieutenant Junior Grade