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Auggie Waters

Human Male

Character Information




August Micky Waters



A very deep and abstract thinker, August never appreciated the “boring side” of science, as he once said. He wanted to discover new ways to do things, new life to study, new civilizations to understand and communicate with.
As a result of this deep thinking, he is also very in touch with his emotional side, and can develop relationships very easily.

If people could describe Waters in 2 words, it would probably be “sweet tempered”. Not very confrontational, August would rather solve a problem together rather than against each other. That said, what many people don’t know is that August is highly protective, emotional, and irrational, if you get him angry… (Which is rather difficult to do)


August was born in 2361, in a location unknown to him. His parents kept his birthplace a secret, with his father saying “When the time comes, I’ll let you know.” That always frustrated August.
But his parents were always very uplifting to him, as he struggled to fit in during his early and teenage years. August was very good at analyzing people and things, figuring out how they ticked.
When he was 20, he enrolled in Starfleet academy, knowing from a young age that that’s what he wanted to do. Spending 5 years in the academy, he graduated at the top of his class in Psychology, theoretical astronomy, and biology.
Still, even with his intelligence and prowess, August had to work his way up from the bottom. Being stationed aboard Starbase 558, a backwater station that was more engineering focused, he worked tirelessly on several papers that detailed everything from a theoretical, man made anomaly, to a detailed and completely plausible way to disable a borg ship with basic biology.
Now, at 28 years old, Waters has finally gained the attention from Starfleet science officials, and is awaiting his first assignment on a starfleet vessel…