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Profile Overview

Sreyler Theb

Efrosian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Theb


Chief Engineering Officer
USS Ahwahnee


Sreyler Esdani Theb

August 19th, 2369

Sehar City, Efros Delta


An engineering savant from a very early age, it’s not always easy to keep up with Sreyler when she gets going.


Of medium height in her early 30s, a few laughter lines are beginning to etch themselves into her pale skin. Her eyes are a deep, intense blue, overshadowed by her slight Efrosian brow ridges. Long, thick, white hair falls down to her shoulders, usually tied back in a pony tail when on duty.


Sreyler is positive, outgoing and bubbly. Always one to throw out a sarcastic comment, she makes friends quickly and easily. She possesses a deeply introverted side too, capable of burying herself in technical manuals for days on end.


Born in the capital city of Efros Delta, Sreyler cannot remember a time when her life path was not influenced by her uncle, famed Starfleet engineer Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii. Attending Zhaman’ti college, her work was regularly presented at competitions and expos. Felrak Vordenna, a family friend of Ra-Havreii’s, took a keen interest in Sreyler’s burgeoning status as an engineering savant. Encouraging her to join Starfleet Academy, he kept a close eye on her career as she graduated in 2391. Sure enough, her progression through the ranks was nothing short of meteoric. Assigned to newly commissioned USS Gorkon, Sreyler was quickly promoted through the Lieutenant grades, becoming Assistant Chief Engineer in 2395. It was then that Captain Felrak Vordenna invited her to transfer to USS Ahwahnee as Chief Engineer. Unsure at first, Sreyler eventually accepted the new position, making her one of the youngest Chief Engineering Officers in Starfleet.