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Profile Overview


Tellarite Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Tursk


First Officer
USS Ahwahnee



March 6th, 2345

Brendel Colony


A gruff, rule abiding Tellarite who has served as First Officer of the USS Ahwahnee for nine years.


Tall and bearded, with a mass of medium length straggly hair. His skin is weather beaten from spending as much time in nature as possible while on shore leave.


Gruff and unfriendly at first, Tursk generally adopts an air of cautiousness while going about his duties. Has been known to smile and relax around those in his innermost circle.


Born in 2345 on the predominantly Tellarite Bendel Colony, Tursk had an active childhood, roaming free and conquering as many of the planet’s formidable mountain peaks as soon as he was able. He attended Starfleet Academy in 2363, graduated in 2367 and received his first assignment as an Engineering Officer aboard USS Nautilus. For seven years, Tursk worked his way up in the ship’s engineering department, eventually being promoted to Chief Engineer in 2374. That year Tursk saw action in the Dominion War at the First Battle of Chin’toka. In 2376, Tursk was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, taking up a posting to the USS Spector once again as Chief Engineer. On completing the command training course in 2384, Tursk was promoted to Commander. The following eight years saw Tursk grappling with the decision to move onto the command track. A chance meeting with Captain Felrak Vordenna in 2390 tipped him over the edge, and he accepted a transfer to become First Officer of the USS Ahwahnee the following year.