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Profile Overview

Eli Gault

Risian Man

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Gault


CO's Yeoman
USS Sirius


Elidrian Gault




Chief Gault is a seasoned NCO and veteran of the Dominion War, where he served then and later as a security specialist. He resigned from Starfleet in the late 2380s, disapproving of the Federation’s abandonment of the Romulan evacuation and inward-looking policies he argued left the neediest without help. He spent the next fifteen years working independently in the old Neutral Zone, trying to do the work Starfleet had stopped, and eventually joined the Fenris Rangers. In early 2400 he began to cooperate and information share with Starfleet as they returned to humanitarian operations in the region. A year later, in-fighting within the Rangers and the renegade actions of a few drove Gault back to Starfleet, where he returned to service as the yeoman to Captain Matt Rourke, with whom Gault served in the Dominion War when they were both junior enlisted men.