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Kint Sureth

Bajoran Male

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Lieutenant Kint


Chief Science Officer
USS Alita (Archive)


Kint Sureth

August 14, 2368 (33 Earth Years Old)



Kint Sureth is the Bajoran Chief Science Officer about the USS Alita. He is handsome, and generally well dressed even when he’s in casual attire. No longer a follower of the Prophets, he does not wear the traditional Bajoran earring. He is kind and outgoing and usually found with a grin on his face. Kint is a brilliant officer, a loyal companion, and an excellent officer who is exceptionally proud to wear the Starfleet uniform.


Kint is a tall, handsome man with a strong jaw and a winning smile. He has warm, brown eyes that are kind and gentle. While he does make a concentrated effort to keep his hair trimmed to Starfleet standards, he’s notorious for sporting just a little bit too much stubble on any given day, due to too many hours in the laboratory.

Kint is fastidious about the state of his Starfleet uniform. Every button, seam, zipper, and pip is always in place, even when he’s been staring at a microscope for 20 shipboard hours in a row. His respect for Starfleet runs deep.

When he’s off duty, Kint is usually found in casual clothing that leans more toward comfort than fashion or anything on trend with current styles.


Kint is happy and outgoing in general, often the first person to greet new crew members and to try and help folks feel better when they’re sad. He is incredibly driven with his work, though, which is often at odds with his desire to be there for his friends and help them how he can.

Kint is also extremely loyal to his crew mates and friends. He would never betray their confidence or hurt them if he can help it. He would fight to the death to keep any of them out of harm’s way.

Many people who meet him also note that he lacks the hard edge of many older Bajorans. Kint is extremely well aware that is solely because he has never had to go through the hardships that his older family and friends have, and he never takes that for granted.


Early Life

Kint was born to a family of farmers in the Hill Province on Bajor. They lived a simple life, farming Moba Fruit and Kava Root. They were comfortable and didn’t want for much, but they were far from wealthy. Still, Kint grew up happy and well cared for in a family that loved him.

Home Life

Kint has a younger sister named Siks and an older one named Jul. The three of them are incredibly close and speak regularly, even when Kint is far from home. Their Parents, Nilus and Rina, have worked hard to foster that relationship, as well as their own relationship with their children.

Nilus and Rina always felt it was important to encourage their children to explore and learn who they were as individuals. Kint, out of all of them, was the most eager to do so. He spent long hours exploring the countryside around their farm, riding his hover bike around, and spelunking through the extensive cave systems nearby.

When he wasn’t exploring his home planet, he was exploring archives and databases. He read through all of the public Federation articles and reports on Bajor, the Wormhole, and the Aliens that dwelled within it. True to their beliefs, when Kint took off his ritual earring and informed his family that he no longer believed the Prophets were anything more than aliens, they allowed him to follow the path with no resistance, despite being devout followers of the Prophet themselves.


Kint excelled in school, especially in the realm of the sciences. He had many friends, the closest of which was Lon Karsis, another boy from a nearby farm. The two were inseparable during their school years, exploring together, studying together, and generally taking the world by storm. Karsis was the brother that Kint never had, and vice versa. The two of them had every class together in primary and secondary school, and it came as a blow to both of them when they decided to go different directions.

As the years passed, Kint read more and more of the available logs and information from Starfleet and the Federation. Everything from First Contact reports to diplomatic journals, to research papers and scientific logs. The more he read, the more he fell in love with what they were doing, and the difference they were making in the galaxy.

Karsis came by after their secondary school graduation ceremony to tell Kint that he’d been accepted into the Bajoran Science University in Bahkar province, fully expecting him to say the same. He was floored when Kint told him he’d be going to Starfleet Academy on earth.

Still, he understood Kint’s drive and sent his friend on his way with the best of wishes. The two have continued to stay in contact and meet up every chance they get.

Starfleet Academy

Kint took to the Academy easily, quickly gathering a group of friends and earning the respect of his peers and instructors. He performed well across the board, but excelled in his science classes, catching the eye of his teachers. He graduated with distinction after helping the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Carthage isolate and eliminate an unknown radiation type that was causing severe complications for the crew during his Cadet Cruise.

Kint credits his friend Sheelif and Professor Daniel Wilcox for his success in the academy. Sheelif, the first Catian he’d ever had the privilege of knowing, was his sounding board and sanity check during the hardest parts of the Academy. She’d always been there when Kint was facing burn out, and kept him away from it, either by helping him or pulling him away to relax for a while. Meanwhile, Professor Wilcox pushed him to see further, see more, and think outside the box. He credits Wilcox’s methodologies as why he was able to find the mysterious radiation aboard the Carthage.

Starfleet Career

Kint has been active in Starfleet for just over eleven years and has served on three different ships, including his most recent assignment: the USS Alita. He has worked his way up from a simple science officer to the Chief Science Officer aboard the Alita, and has a good set of accomplishments under his belt. While he is not a renowned name across Starfleet, he is definitely off to a good start and is determined to earn his place in Starfleet history.

USS Ardmore

Kint’s first posting was the the USS Ardmore, Miranda-class vessel on a patrol of scientific investigation stops. Kint’s career struggled aboard the Ardmore as he and the Chief Science Officer did not get along. To this day, Kint is unsure of why that was, and cannot figure out any reason beyond a personality conflict.

Thankfully, the Assistant Chief, Lieutenant Drew Prescott, saw the value in Kint and took him under his wing. Prescott made sure that Kint was able to work on the more exciting experiments and helped to train him on how the science department really worked aboard a Starship.

When it was clear that Kint would not excel aboard the Ardmore, Prescott was the person who found him his next posting.

USS Kinsey

The USS Kinsey, Nova-class vessel, was where Kint was able to truly shine. The Chief Science Officer there, Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Sullivan, was in need of a new Assistant Chief, and quickly found herself enamored with Kint’s excitement and drive. Within a couple months of being aboard the Kinsey, Kint made Lieutenant Junior Grade and was promoted to Assistanct Chief Science Officer.

Under Lt. Commander Sullivan’s guidance, Kint continued to grow as a science officer, earning the rank of full Lieutenant by the end of his final year aboard the Kinsey. He fully expected to serve another five-year mission aboard the vessel, but Captain Tiffany Black had already caught wind of the rising Science Officer.

USS Alita

In 2400, Kint made his most recent transfer to the USS Alita, the namesake of the Alita-class, and has served as her Chief Science Officer for over a year now. Captain Black and Commander Juarez have been impressed with him to say the least, and are eager to see where he will go from here.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2390 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2390 - 2394 Engineering Officer USS Ardmore
2394 - 2400 Deputy Chief Engineer USS Kinsey
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - Present Chief Engineering Officer USS Alita