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Profile Overview

Frankie Juarez

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Juarez


Executive Officer
USS Alita (Archive)


Francine Agatha Juarez

January 5th, 2367 (34yrs)

Mexico City, Mexico, Earth


Frankie grew up with ten brothers, and it shows. She’s loud, brash, and almost always has a troublemaking grin on her face. She’s extremely independent and confident and nine out of ten times it’s well warranted… that tenth time is usually a doozey though. She’s got the scars to prove it as well. She’s got a great sense of humor, and is generally an open book. Fiercely loyal to her friends, but if you get on her bad side it’s a long a rocky road back to grace. She’s easily approachable and hard to stop once she sets her mind to something.

She keeps within Starfleet standards when she’s on duty, but off there’s no telling what you’ll find. She adores the punk scene of twentieth century earth, and is often found in old band t-shirts, torn jeans and doc martins. She also tends to wear her hair in as many styles as there are stars in the gamma quadrant. The only consistency is the streak of red she keeps in a front lock for her brother who passed away when she was a kid.


Frankie stands about average height with an athletic build. She has deep, chocolate brown eyes and brown (usually) hair with a red streak in it. She carries herself with an air of confidence that borders on cocky, and just watching her walk across the room you can tell she never backs down from a fight. She’s not afraid to get dirty, be it on duty or for fun, and on more than one occasion has been found waist deep in power conduits fixing things when her ship is in trouble.

She has piercings on the left side of her nose and the right side of her mouth, as well as two on the side of both ears as well as her earlobes. She keeps all but the lobes with a clear stud while she’s on duty. Off-duty, she almost always has something in and usually wears bracelets and at least a couple different rings on each hand. She wears a thumb-ring made out of a spoon on or off duty with “hogar” etched on it. It’s one of her mother’s spoons that her brother shaped into a ring for her to remind her where she came from. She never takes it off.

On duty, she is always within Starfleet regulations, but off it’s a crap shoot. She keeps a collection of old earth band Ts in her closet and jokes that she’s missing at least three pairs of jeans total with all the holes in the jeans she wears. She can dress up and look incredibly pulled together when she wants to, but she has a special love for the grunge vibes.


Bombastic. Grandiose. Rhapsodic. Loud. All of these words have been used to describe Frankie. She is the life of the party at any party. She’s quick to laugh and almost always has a big grin on her face.

She’s strong willed and opinionated and not afraid to let anyone know it. She’s got a few reprimand’s on her record from COs that weren’t quite comfortable with her brand of communication. She’s got a more than a few accolades (some from the same COs) for speaking up at a critical time and saving the day.

Frankie is fiercely loyal and extremely dedicated both to Starfleet and the people in her life. Her mom had the tendency to adopt people that needed family, and Frankie is no different. Family isn’t the same as friends. If you’re family, she’ll take a phaser blast for you and not think twice about it. Family means you’ve done good by hear and she trusts you with no hesitation. She could find you standing over a dead body with the murder weapon in hand and if you told her you didn’t do it, she’d believe you. No questions asked.

She holds grudges, though, and doesn’t make any bones about that. If you lie to her, cheat her, steal from her, or in any other way subtract from her life, she’ll hold it against you indefinitely. You can earn you way back in… but it’ll take time.



Early Life


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Adult Life


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Starfleet Academy


Starfleet Career


USS Shipname


USS Alita


Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2389 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2389 - 2395 Engineering Officer USS Scarborough
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2401 Chief Engineering Officer USS Waterloo
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Alita