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Tiffany Black

Human Female

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Captain Black


Commanding Officer
USS Alita (Archive)


Tiffany Marie Black

June 15, 2365 (35yrs)

USS Danube


The phrase “big things come in small packages” could be directly applied to Tiffany with out any hesitation. Tiffany barely meets Starfleet minimum height requirements and carries a slight frame. What she lacks in stature she more than makes up for in attitude and ability. Tiffany is smart, sharp-witted, and fiercely dedicated to her crew and her beliefs. She’s got a wicked since of humor and loves time with her friends over coffee or tea to catch up with their lives. Tiffany is a personable CO and enjoys working with her crew closely, even the junior officers. She’s a beast in a Starfleet uniform, and she loves every minute of it.


Tiffany is a small woman, with a thin frame. She has pale skin with a smattering of freckles across her shoulders and face. She wears lose fitting, comfortable styles off duty, and is always the protocol book’s prefect example of Starfleet Regulations when she’s on duty. She wears minimal makeup, but refuses to wear anything but bright red lipstick. Her look is topped off by a shock of red-hair usually thrown up into something resembling a bun on top of her head.


Tiffany has a larger-than-life personality. She loves to laugh and tell stories and bring people together and is the first parson to start singing too loud after a few drinks. She’s a bright and brilliant woman. She’s been through a lot and has fought hard to get where she is today, but you’d never know it. She’s positive, upbeat, and decisive. As a commanding officer, she’s quick and brilliant, and not afraid to make the enemies of the Federation sweat a little bit when need be.


Tiffany was born aboard the USS Danube to a flight control officer and an engineer. To say that Starfleet is in her blood is an understatement. Tiffany grew up in the corridors of the small Norway-class ship. She learned in the ships school, she investigated every nook and cranny, learned each system by heart. She loved her time about the Danube and everything it represented. Her parents had debated taking her away from the ship and setting her up someplace dirt bound, but they knew that taking her away from her shipboard home would break her heart.

By the time she was sixteen, Tiffany knew she wanted to be an officer in Starfleet. She spent spare time studying fleet rules and regulations and learning the deck layouts of every ship class she could find. She had every intention of making her way up to the center chair and commanding her own starship.

Her dreams were almost dashed when she found herself a half-inch below minimum acceptable height to join the Fleet. To her luck, she had a last moment growth spurt that put her just barely above the minimum and secured her entry.

Tiffany didn’t have an easy time in the Academy from day one. She was smaller and didn’t boast the physical strength that the rest of her classmates did, but she made up for it in absolute tenacity. Every time the academy pushed, she pushed back twice as hard. She found her footing, and she found her friends. Her drive and integrity made her a quick choice for leadership, and her classmates fell in behind her strength. She surrounded herself with people who excelled where she could not and soon was soaring at the top of her class.

Tiffany has served on the USS Nimitz and the USS Zephyr, starting as a Tactical Officer, but quickly moving to the Chief position and then to the XO chair on the Zephyr. She served as the XO for several years until she was finally offered the opportunity to command her own ship, the USS Alita, a newly commissioned Alita-class vessel.

In her first year, she’s already proven herself to be a formidable CO in both conflict and diplomacy, and built a formidable level of respect from the reputable leadership in that sector.

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USS Nimitz


USS Zephyr


USS Alita


Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2387 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2387 - 2392 Chief Tactical Officer USS Nimitz
2392 - 2400 Executive Officer USS Zephyr
2400 - Present Commanding Officer USS Alita