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Profile Overview


Deltan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Onya


Chief Medical Officer
USS Corax (Archive)


Onya is one of few Deltans to have joined Starfleet.  An oath of celibacy is not something Deltans take lightly, and such a commitment often weighs heavily.  Onya, however, has committed herself to the care and welfare of others as a physician.  She is deeply engrossed in her work and finds it far more rewarding than the potential pangs of celibacy.

Despite her oath, Onya is still very flirtatious and finds it either aids in her bedside matter or makes her patients completely uncomfortable.  As such, Starfleet has been hard pressed to find a posting where complaints have not been lodged.  Assuming that fewer patients might be better, Starfleet has posted Onya on the USS Corax where her skills can be confined to small crew.  Tighter quarters, however, tends to lead to closer relationships.

“I think this might require a more thorough examination.” – Onya to Lt. Decane