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Profile Overview


El-Aurian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Talan


Science Officer
USS Corax (Archive)


Talan is an atypical El-Aurian.  Unlike many of his species, he’s found it far more difficult to heal the wounds of his past.  As such, despite his reputation as a listener, Talan has become a physical manifestation of a deaf ear. For centuries, Talan preferred the silence of solitude.  He travelled the galaxy, ducking from one dark corner to another, in search of peace and quiet.

Eventually, Talan found himself experiencing something he did not anticipate, boredom.  Looking to change his material circumstances, Talan opted to surround himself with others for the first time in ages by joining Starfleet.  Reigniting his passion for the unexplored, Talan pursued his distant talents and became a scientist.

Despite his best efforts, Talan has found his reintegration to be less than successful.  His peers consider him curt, dismissive, and arrogant.  Despite this, others can’t seem to help but approach him and feel comfortable sharing all. A recent graduate from Starfleet Academy, Talan has been assigned to the USS Corax.

“What?” – Talan to Lt. Commander Rao