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Orram Kivam

Bajoran Male

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Lieutenant Orram


Chief Science Officer
USS Andromeda


Orram Kivam

9 July, 2371



Lieutenant Orram Kivam (born July 9, 2371) is a Bajoran Starfleet officer who serves as the Chief Science Officer onboard the USS Andromeda, an Intrepid-class starship.

Early Life and Education:

Orram grew up on Bajor well after the Cardassian occupation, but his parents witnessed and recounted the many atrocities committed by the Cardassians. This was what motivated him to pursue a career in science to create a better future for his people. He attended the University of Bajor where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Starfleet Career:

After completing his degree at the University of Bajor, Orram enrolled in Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. He excelled in his studies and was recognized for his academic achievements. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Andromeda as a Science Officer. After several years on the ship, he was promoted to Chief Science Officer.

As the Chief Science Officer, Orram is responsible for overseeing all scientific operations, including research, analysis, and experimentation. He advises the captain and senior officers on scientific matters, and coordinates with other ship departments to ensure successful missions.

Off Duty:

In his free time, Orram practices meditation and yoga, which help him to maintain a peaceful state of mind. He is also an avid reader and enjoys studying history and philosophy.

Personal Life:

Orram is a devout follower of the Bajoran faith and practices his religion regularly. His faith and upbringing have shaped his focus on promoting peace and cooperation between alien races, which he believes is critical to creating a better future for all.

Awards and Honors:

Orram has received several awards and honors throughout his Starfleet career, including the Starfleet Commendation for Bravery for his work in resolving a diplomatic crisis on the planet Valtoria. He is respected by his colleagues for his dedication to science, his calm demeanor under pressure, and his commitment to peace and cooperation.

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