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Profile Overview

Miranda Vass

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Vass


Helm - Andromeda
USS Valhalla


Miranda Gabriel Vass

24 May, 2379



Ensign Miranda Vass (born May 24, 2379) is the Chief Helm Officer on board the USS Andromeda, an Intrepid-class Starfleet starship. She was born on May 24, 2379 in Birmingham, England.

Early Life and Education:

Miranda was born to a family of Starfleet officers, her father was a captain in Starfleet while her mother served as a science officer. Her parents’ work inspired her to pursue a career in Starfleet. Miranda attended Starfleet Academy, where she majored in Navigation.

Starfleet Career:

After graduation, Miranda was assigned to the USS Andromeda as the Chief Helm Officer. Her primary role on the ship is to manage the ship’s navigational systems, piloting the ship, and ensuring its safe traversal through space. Miranda has proven herself to be a valuable member of the crew with her quick reflexes, sharp instincts, and excellent problem-solving skills.

In addition to her duties as the Chief Helm Officer, Miranda has also shown promise in other areas such as communications and operations management. Her passion for learning and dedication to her duties has significantly contributed to the success of several missions in which the Andromeda has been engaged.

Off Duty:

In her spare time, Miranda is a keen swimmer and also enjoys practicing different forms of martial arts. She occasionally participates in the ship’s recreational activities, and is known for being social and friendly with her colleagues.

Personal Life:

Little is known about Miranda’s personal life, as she is known to value her privacy. However, it is known that she comes from a family of Starfleet officers, and she has expressed admiration for her parents’ legacy of service.

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