Profile Overview

Tess Cash

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Cash


Tessa B Cash


SS Delphine's Bell


Though she isn’t the Chief Ops officer, she probably should be as she’s the one who runs around, responds, and generally takes messages for him begrudgingly.


Tess is a lean young woman on 5’5″ who fits the bill for being young and hungry. Her posture almost always reads as defensive or on edge. Dark brown eyes have that protective distance to them while trying to burn holes through walls. Her skin tone is a space pale dusted with freckles.


It seems like Tess was born with a chip on her shoulder. She’s defensive or hostile unless there’s something in front of her to fix or reroute of jury rig- then she finds this inner groove to fall into where everything is alright. Tess never discusses her parents- though there is no father listed on her official paperwork- or any other family members for that matter. In conversation she never shares happy childhood memories or discusses much of anything personal. She can, however, brood like champ. Her first language is officially sarcasm. Tess carries herself like at any time, anywhere she’s ready to throw down. And she is. Tess is angry on a soul level.


She won’t talk about it. Not the mother who pretty much abandoned her to raise herself or the rough and tumble life that she led as a kid raised on the outer rim with a bunch of traders who were one step up from being pirates. All of that she’d rather forget. Being hungry. Never trusting anyone. Always watching her back. Instead she likes to focus on the now.

Now there’s always enough to eat. Now it was safe to sleep. Now her hands were capable and weapons were never too far away. She still has trouble letting people in, though she’s getting better about it. Tess semi trusts her authority figures to either be competent or crafty, but not all of the way. She expects to die alone on some nameless world and be forgotten. Fin.

Starfleet for Tess was a chance at stability. She never did particularly well in the more social arenas, but given tools and material and a chance to push ahead she made amazing out of the box strides. Still, Tess barely eeked through because of her personality alone, and has faced quite a few behavioral demerits.