Profile Overview

Abby Tamlin

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Tamlin


Chief Engineering Officer
USS Lafayette (Archive)


Bridgette Abigail Tamlin

May 3, 2368

Artemis IX


Bright and ambitious, Abby is one of the most dedicated engineers in the fleet. She is quick thinking and innovative, and has been a boon to every ship she’s ever served on. She’s a bit socially awkward, but in a lovable way. Most people are willing to look past her awkwardness due to her bright and cheery demeanor. She carries a lot from her childhood, but tries to bury it. Sometimes, the darkness bleeds through, but she quickly covers it again. She is funny and endearing, and fast friend to many.


Abby is a slim, athletic woman with wheat blonde hair and kind blue eyes that sparkle with a hint of mischief. On duty, she’ll wear her hair up in a tight bun to keep it out of the mechanics in Engineering, but off she almost always wears it loose and down. She prefers baggy, comfortable clothes off dude, but is always Federation Standard when on duty, living up to every last Starfleet regulation. There’s almost always a smile on her face, unless you catch her contemplating her past, during which you’ll see some of the deepest sorrow you’d ever want in her eyes.


Abby’s former chief referred to her as a coin flip of personality. In general, she’s a sweet, warm, outgoing person. She’s ready with encouragement, praise, and compassion, and loves the people in her care with all of her heart. In her private moments though, the severity of her past often haunts her, making the normally gregarious and out going woman quiet and withdrawn. She doesn’t share that side with many, instead pushing through to try and make sure no one ever feels like she has in the past.


Abby was born on Artemis IX, a fringe world on the outskirts of the Federation and largely controlled by gang lords and drug runners. Her parents were junkies and delivered every form of abuse and violence against her as she grew. To her credit, Abby’s own resilience proved to be far too strong to squash, no matter how hard they tried. She found little ways to make things better for herself those around her, from learning to bake to bring her friends cookies, to learning to sew to keep her loved ones in clothes, to learning how to repair mechanical systems to ensure her friends got clean water and working climate control. She never spoke of her own hardships, only tried to make the world a better place.

She found luck one day when she was 15. A drug deal gone wrong in her neighborhood left a cache of money unattended long enough for her to steal it. She gave the majority of it to her friends, but kept enough to flee. She bought a ticket on a freighter off planet, and never looked back. She found herself on a Federation world and turned herself over the local authorities, knowing that they’d be far more fair than anything she’d known before. To her shock, she was granted hardship asylum and placed with a foster family and for the first time understood what stability and safety felt like. Anything would have been better than her life on Artemis, but she’d never hoped for something that good.

Her foster family ensured she caught up on schooling and she thrived. Abby had a natural gift for fixing things and building things, and thrived in math and sciences, and was a favorite among her teachers. She carried a dark side, though. The scars of her youth went far beyond her skin and she had her moments of darkness that threatened to quench her light. She fought hard to stay afloat in those times, and was amazed to find a few close friends in school that helped her through it.

Abby made her way through school with a surprisingly high academic score, and was determined to make the galaxy a safer place. So, with no hesitation, Abby made her application to Starfleet Academy and was accepted quickly. She focused on Engineering, bringing her love for hands on work, math, and science to bear into a focus that made it her heart beat. She excelled in her Academy training and finished the top of her class in Applied Engineering.

Abby served aboard the USS Baltimore and the USS Excalibur on two tours, quickly rising in the ranks and earning quite a reputation for herself. Enough so that she earned a place on a Engineering Research Fellowship with Starfleet Research and Development. She served there for a year, participating in cutting edge research on every Engineering concept she could think of. The experience has left her buzzing, and excited to start her new assignment aboard the USS Lafayette.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2390 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2390 - 2395 USS Baltimore Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2400 USS Excalibur Assistant Chief Engineer
2400 - 2401 Research Fellowship Engineer Starfleet Research and Development
2401 - Present USS Lafayette Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Commander