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Profile Overview

Castiel Novak

human male

Character Information


Castiel Layce Novak



Castiel Novak was born October 21, 2273 in the small town of Stoneybridge, Scotland. His father and mother, Raphael and Mary Novak were both killed in action during the war with the Dominion. He was raised by his grandmother, Ceri Novak. Castiel is an genius with an IQ of 220 and an eidetic memory. He can read 20,000 words per minute, and enjoys the study of ancient and archaic languages that have fallen into disuse. He has been diagnosed with ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) and ASPD(Antisocial Personality Disorder). Which means he struggles with social situations more than most people. He graduated Highschool at the age of eleven. And graduated college at the age of eighteen. With three PHD’s one in exobiology, one in spatial reasoning, and the other in psychology. Five years later he decided that he wanted to do something meaningful with his life and joined Starfleet. Where he is currently awaiting assignment.