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Created in Midjourney

Linis Harrow


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Harrow


Chief Tactical Officer
USS Resolute


Linis Harrow is a mid-thirties human male with an unusual past that he doesn’t speak about. However, he is known among the crew for his remarkable ability with cards. He always seems to win during the ship’s weekly poker evenings, which he organises and runs. His abilities with cards aren’t just limited to poker. He won’t often admit it, but Harrow is also an experienced and talented tarot reader, who has a deep understanding of the symbolism and meanings behind the cards. He carries a small tarot deck in his pocket at all times. During times of stress, he can be spotted shuffling them in one hand.

As a tactical officer, Harrow is highly experienced with an excellent record. He has a reputation for having an almost preternatural ability to predict the future… or at least three seconds into it, which is more than enough for a tactical officer. His previous commanding officers have commented on his exceptional skills and reliability in high-pressure situations.

On a personal level, Harrow is charming and highly engaging, with a gift for making people feel at ease around him. Despite Raan Mason’s oblique references to his past as a ‘con man’, Harrow has proven himself to be a trustworthy and valuable member of the crew, always ready to lend a hand and use his skills to help.


Created in Midjourney