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Human Male

Character Information


Bron Styles


Jackson Georgia


5*7 Human Male,  Long Black Hair, Brown  Eyes, Healthy Build.

Bron is a the son of a Starfleet Captain Sean Styles who was killed in the Dominion War in the year 2374 .It was with his father’s death. Bron decide he wanted to be a hero like his father and join Star Fleet when he turn eighteen. Bron is a 8th year Starfleet Officer with a back round in engineering , leadership, and heart full of adventure. Bron has held the titles of shift engineer, Warp Corp Supervisor, and  Assistant Chief Engineer



Bron personality is one of many traits once said his Father Sean. Bron was born with a knack for adventure always wanted to go from one place to the next. When he was three Bron had broke his two kirk so he took it apparat and read the manual to try to fix it that when his father new his son had knack for engineering .


Bron was Born to both Sean Styles and Lily Styles in the Year 2370 in Jackson, Georgia on Earth. When Bron was three his family had moved to Deep Space 5 where his father was stationed as Sector Intelligence Officer. When Bron was five him and his mom were sent to back to Earth for there safety while his Father stayed behind to help the war effort. Towards the end of 2375 the war had ended but it would be in vain for the Styles Family, One day after the battle of Cardassia Prime. The Styles family had received news that Sean had been killed at the battle. This News would be the moment the Bron decided he be like his father and join Starfleet and continue the legacy his father started. It was about two months after his Eighteenth Birthday, Bron had joined Star Fleet Academy on Earth in the year 2388. Bron’s  Frist Year at the academy was not a easy one he struggled with advance mathematics and propulsion studies. Later on in his freshman year, Bron had gotten use to the Academy life and buckled down on his studies. The next three year went by for Bron , but the day had came Graduation day. The day he become a Star Fleet Officer in the Class of 2392.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2392 Starfleet cadet Starfleet Acadsamy
2392 - 2394 Gamma Shift Engineer Officer U.S.S BELFAST (NCC-13345)
2394 - 2396 Warp Core Supervisor/Assistant Chief Engineer U.S.S ALABAMA (NCC-44578)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - Present Assistant Chief Engineer U.S.S ALABAMA (NCC-44578)