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Profile Overview


Romulan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Rempeck


Romulan Ambassador
Eos Station



June 6, 2339 (Terran Years)


General Rempeck of the Romulan Free State was a respected and experienced commander in the Romulan military.  After an unknown political realignment within the Free State, General Rempeck defected to the Republic.  Rempeck works odd diplomatic and security jobs, never entirely accepted in his new life.  His current assignment is as a Diplomatic Aide for the Republic station on Eos Station.  In an odd twist of fate, Eos is also the home to Captain Elena Mitchell. Captain Mitchell’s husband was instrumental in Rempeck’s defection; however, little is known about the events.



General Rempeck is approximately 60 years old, in Terran years. He stands roughly 177cm (5’9″) and weighs 82kg (181 pounds). Due to his age, Rempeck doesn’t appear physically threatening, but his years in military service have given him an advantage. He still likes to maintain his appearance and fitness routine, keeping himself in tip-top condition.



General Rempeck is a man who thinks before he speaks.  He doesn’t like to rush into his situation without knowing whats in store for him ahead of time.