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Profile Overview

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Quinn Allen

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Allen


Chief Science Officer
USS Resolute


Quinn Marion Allen

1st April 2363

SS Catherine-Maria


Quinn Allen is the current Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Resolute. He is a dedicated officer, but somewhat of a workaholic with slight issues with authority that stem from his childhood.


Quinn is a tall, lean man with a shock of light blond hair normally styled into messy spikes. Although, to say styled is somewhat misleading as the only styling involved is Quinn’s habit of running his hand through it. As he often forgets to eat, Quinn tends toward underweight at times. Although he maintains the required fitness level for a starfleet officer, he has a whipcord strength to his frame rather than one built with weights or intensive exercise. He wears his clothing like an afterthought, and rarely pays attention to his appearance. He is rarely seen out of uniform, but that is more to do with the fact he tends to forget there are other clothes in his closet than any other reason.

Created with Midjourney


Quinn is an oddball, to say the least. His mind fires at a million miles a minute, which often leaves people thinking that he’s not really paying attention to them in conversation. To be far, he often isn’t. He finds small talk and social niceties boring and predictable, so his mind wanders off to more interesting topics. If you can get him on a topic that interests him, he is a great conversationalist. He has a dry wit that can catch people unawares.

He also does not allow people to get close often. This is a combination of emotional scars from his childhood and finding most people boring.


Early Life

Quinn was born aboard the civilian ship, the Catherine-Maria, to Mariette Allen and James Ketterton. Within months of his birth though, James’s gambling debts had landed them in indentured servitude to a brutal organisation, the Kerlation, who used telepathic guards to monitor their workforce, forcing them into dangerous mines with minimal safety equipment as they shaved profit to the bone. Quinn grew up under their yoke, but realised very early on that he was immune to their telepathic manipulation. He used that to gain extra food for his family.

Unfortunately his father was not so fortunate, and when Quinn was eleven, he was forced to watch as the guards beat his father to death as an example to the other workers. It took Quinn four more years to secure his and his mother’s escape, when he staged a generator overload to take out one of the mining shafts to cover their escape in a skiff he’d managed to cobble together. It held long enough for them to reach a federation outpost where they claimed sanctuary.

As soon as Quinn came into contact with a Starfleet science officer, his course was set. He hadn’t realised that such a job existed, but as soon as he did, he was determined. With many years of schooling to catch up on, Quinn applied himself and applied to Starfleet Academy just before his 20th birthday.

Starfleet Academy

It would be wrong to say that Quinn took to academy life like a duck to water. Maybe if that duck had a kick in its gallop, didn’t notice the other ducks and had a tendency to blow things (including itself) up. He struggled with the social side of the academy, as interpersonal skills were not something he had developed during his childhood, nor during the years after when he caught up on his education with his nose in a book.

This led to him being somewhat isolated from his academy peers… right up until the survival skills exercises. Those were skills he’d developed during childhood and, when a routine jungle survival exercise was gatecrashed by predatory carnivores who had woken from their hibernation cycle prematurely, it was only Quinn’s quick thinking and thinking outside the box that ensured they all made it back alive. From that point, his academy class made sure to include him.

Early Career

Quinn’s first posting from the academy was the USS Charnwood, a smaller science vessel charged with mapping unusual nebulae. This was bread and butter work, and although all aspects of science interest Quinn, he had side projects going on all the time. Unfortunately, several of these exploded to varying degrees until one experiment took out half of the science lab and a nearby gym. The Charnwood’s captain had had enough by this time, which necessitated Quinn’s transfer to the USS Tricerdona.

It was during his time on the Tricerdona, with an executive officer, Raan Mason, who was more than aware of the explosive qualities of various raw materials aboard the ship, that Quinn’s experiments didn’t blow anything up. The two became friends, as much as two totally opposite personalities can. During this time (and with the lack of said experiments blowing up) Quinn rose to Asst Chief Science Officer.

Current Career

When Mason transferred to take command of the USS Resolute, Quinn followed, and took up the position of Chief Science Officer aboard the Resolute.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2390 Science Officer USS Charnwood
2390 - 2395 Science Officer USS Charnwood
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2397 Science Officer USS Tricerdona
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Asst Chief Science Officer USS Tricerdona
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Resolute