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Dayne Bennett

Llanarian Male

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Lieutenant Commander Bennett


Dayne Ilias Bennett

19th June, 2348



Dayne Bennett is a highly skilled and qualified engineer, who previously specialised in explosives during his service as a soldier in the Llanarian Defence Force. After fighting alongside Raan Mason during the war on their home planet, he transitioned to a career in engineering. Bennett has a bit of a wild side when it comes to his workout routine, working out almost religiously and even converting his office in engineering into a gym, although this is unknown to the captain.

Bennett has been battling insomnia for a long time, which can leave him sleep-deprived and on edge. Despite this, he maintains a generally upbeat and friendly personality, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, whether it’s repairing a damaged system or just being a listening ear.

Unfortunately, Bennett and pilot Rayani Kovash don’t see eye-to-eye, even though they’re both friends with the captain. Neither will talk about what caused the problem between them, but it’s noticeable whenever they’re in the same room.

Most of Dayne’s family were killed during the war, with just one other member surviving, his sister Vixara.


Dayne Bennett