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Hale Burton (Deceased)

Human Male

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Lieutenant Commander Burton


USS Resolute


Hale Lucas Burton




April 12, 2401

USS Resolute, Near Avalon Fleet Yards


Hale Burton is a by-the-book officer who takes his duties seriously. However, his assignment to the Resolute has been a bit of a challenge. While he is ambitious and eager to prove himself to his superiors, he sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile the protocols he follows with the unconventional command style of his commanding officer. Despite these challenges, he remains determined to succeed in his role and make a positive contribution to the ship and its crew.


Hale takes great pride in his physical fitness, with a tall and well-toned build that reflects his dedication to staying in shape. With brown hair and piercing blue eyes, he maintains a professional appearance at all times, and it’s rare to see him with a hair out of place. His attention to detail and commitment to presenting a polished image are a testament to his professionalism. As a runner, Hale prefers to start his day with a brisk jog to clear his mind and prepare for the day ahead.



Created by Midjourney
Created with Midjourney


Hale values discipline and maintains a reserved demeanor, which can sometimes come off as aloof. This disciplined nature was not always a part of his life though. In his teen years, Hale was a rebel and on the verge of going off the rails. Fortunately, his older cousin, Theo Barrington, intervened and helped him turn his life around.

Recently, Hale suffered a personal loss with the passing of his father. Although he has not shared this with the rest of the crew, he keeps his father’s old glasses on his desk as a reminder of his duty and the family he left behind.


Hale Burton was born in the north of England on Earth, but he spent much of his childhood alone due to his father’s absence as a Starfleet shipyard engineer and his scientist mother’s long hours at work. Left to his own devices, Hale became restless and soon fell in with a gang during his teen years. It wasn’t long before he found himself in a dangerous situation that could have cost him his life.

Thankfully, his cousin Theo Barrington received a tip-off about his whereabouts and came to his rescue. This near-death experience was a turning point for Hale, and he quickly changed his ways. He became a model student and followed in his cousin’s footsteps to join Starfleet.

Hale excelled both in his studies and then later in his Starfleet career, quickly earning a reputation as a dependable and solid officer. Despite being seen as somewhat “safe” by some, Hale is proud of his achievements and is determined to continue proving himself as a competent and reliable crew member. However, the recent loss of his father has left him with a heavy heart, and he keeps his father’s glasses on his desk as a reminder of his duty and the family left behind.

Unfortunately Hale was one of the casualties of Frontier Day, losing his life in defence of the USS Resolute.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2392 Tactical Officer USS Infinity
2392 - 2395 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Vortex
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2399 Chief Tactical Officer/Second Officer USS Morrigan
2399 - Present Executive Officer USS Resolute
Lieutenant Commander