Profile Overview

Callum Forsyth

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Forsyth


USS Mercy


Callum James Forsyth


Vancouver, Earth


A new transfer to the USS Mercy, coming from a tour of duty aboard a USS Mariner, a Pathfinder class vessel. Following the paths of his parents, he chose a career in Starfleet, finding his knack behind the conn. Seeing the growing need throughout the Quadrant, he has felt called to exemplify the storied officers of the past; those who tackled the trials of the past with hope, perseverance and ingenuity.



Slightly above average height at 5’10, he weights in at 80kg. Callum has dark chestnut hair and brown eyes.


Callum is hardworking, reliable and ambitious. He tries hard each day to push himself to the betterment of his skills and duties. With his ambition comes a lack of patience for his own mistakes, and those of others. He knows that attitude can be a deteriment to the team enviroment of a starship, and has tried to cultivate his empathy and compassion.

Young, confident and sometimes brash; Callum has the best interest of most people at heart, even if he doesn’t communicate that well. As he gains experience and the skills important to a Command officer though, he feels less of a need to constantly prove and defend himself.


Early Life

Callum was born on the rocky coast near the large city of Vancouver. His mother was an Oceanic researcher with Starfleet, specializing in aquaculture and other methods of sustainable food development. This often had her on duty to aid colonies around the Federation, something she loved. While she was on duty, Callum spent most of his time with his father, an Engineer who worked with the shipyards on repair and retrofits. With both parents in the service, Callum never imagined a life other than one spent with Starfleet, often accompanying his mother on more routine travels.

Starfleet Academy (2393-2397)

Callum was accepted to Starfleet, where he specialized in the Command officer track. Working hard, he earned good grades and was fortunate enough to participate in excellent placements. He graduated with his degree in Command and Control, with a minor in Astrophysics.

USS MARINER (2397-2399)

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Callum was assigned to the USS Mariner, where he served initially as a relief Conn officer. He performed his duties with aplomb, and when he put in to be transferred to the USS Mercy, a larger command that would afford more vital experience, he received a letter of recommendation from his XO.

USS Mercy (2400-Present)

Transferring to the Mercy, he is now the Flight Control Officer. A promotion and position he takes very seriously. He enjoys helming an active starship, and has taken the mission of the Mercy to heart.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2397 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2397 - 2399 Relief Flight Officer USS Mariner
2400 - Present Flight Control Officer USS Mercy
Lieutenant Junior Grade