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USS Anaheim (NCC-75571)

USS Anaheim

California-class • NCC-75571 • Task Force 17

The USS Anaheim does not perfectly exemplify the spirit of Zephram Cochrane. As a California-class utility cruiser, it cannot hope to brave the depths of uncharted space many of the other larger ships do. Instead, it’s crew works hard to embrace the hard work and diligence that make Starfleet vessels the envy of other spacefaring races.

And there is always something to explore, that spirit infuses the Anaheim and its crew. While they may not discover brand new phenomenon constantly, there is always more knowledge to be gained. As such the crew works hard to take advantage of more mundane missions, like resupplying a station, or providing additional resources to a larger vessel on a project.

The Command crew knows that working hard will lead to careers on other vessels for many of the crew, and work hard to cultivate a sense of pride in having the Anaheim on any service record.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2575
Second Officer
ID: 2575
Chief Engineer
ID: 2575
Science Officer
ID: 2575
Tactical Officer
ID: 2575

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14 July 2024

Making Ripples

USS Anaheim: Tending Waves

Callum walked through the corridors of the Anaheim, and was glad to see some normalcy coming back to the ship. There were still signs of the disastrous attempt to chart the Underspace tunnels, but on the main saucer section, crews were working on the cosmetic damages now.  It seemed odd that [...]

9 July 2024


USS Anaheim: Tending Waves

Moira bit back a curse as she slammed into the console. Sharp pain made it hard to draw breath for a moment, and her fingers flailed to grab onto the smooth sides. It was no use, the ship spun once more and she was thrown to the floor, instinct making her shield her head as she tumbled like a [...]

8 July 2024

Surging ahead

USS Anaheim: Tending Waves

Captain's LogWe have secured and aided the research platforms, which weathered the storm with courage and resilience admirable in any situation. I commend their staff, and have passed such along in my report. The Anaheim's scans have shown the aperture appears to be stabilizing, while there is [...]

7 July 2024

Tempest (Tending Waves pt 2)

USS Anaheim: Tending Waves

“Graviton emissions have declined, the tempest should subside soon sir. Our readings indicate the currents are becoming more stable, and returning to previously recorded levels. There was a lot of seismic activity though sir, the effects of which could easily remain unknown,” Moira’s [...]