USS North Sea (NCC-64904)

After the devastating events of Wolf 359, Starfleet revised its starship design philosophy to fortify its military strength. Out of this new era came several new vessels with that idea behind in mind, including the Norway-class.


Norway-class • NCC-64904 • Task Force 72

A light cruiser, the USS North Sea (NCC-64904) was fitted for science and diplomatic missions. While she lacked the firepower of her sister classes, the Akira, the Saber, and the Defiant, she was a jack-of-all-trades by design. The North Sea saw a number of second contact missions, acted as an escort for numerous dignitaries, and aided evacuation efforts during the Dominion War and the Romulan crisis. Stationed at Starbase 4, the North Sea was assigned to Taskforce 72 in 2400.


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4 February 2023


USS North Sea: Comp Entires

Over 20 years ago, the USS Enterprise-D discovered a Dyson Sphere, an alien megastructure built around a star. Such a structure was thought impossible and discussed only in theory. Yet, there it was. Who could have made such a mechanism? No one knew as the inhabitants were gone. Where did they go? [...]

24 January 2023

The Flamingo Crystal

USS North Sea: Comp Entires

For three days, the North Sea crew studied a new stellar nursery. The science teams cataloged each baby star, determining which would survive and which would be obliterated over time. As fascinating a find as it was, analyzing the data was tedious and taxing. Captain Fawkes oversaw much of the [...]

22 January 2023


USS North Sea: Comp Entires

“What do you mean I have to retake the survival test?” asked the befuddled Rey. “I’m sorry, Love, but Starfleet records indicated you died. Something about a bear in the outpost?” Charlotte said, reading the report. Rey grumbled under her breath. “Yeah, some arse programmed a bear to [...]

28 November 2022


USS North Sea: The Blood Prince

Captain’s log, Stardate 75300.06. Now in the Delta Quadrant, the North Sea is on its way to rendezvous with the USS Iowa to investigate the sudden appearance of blood dilithium. We know little about the mutant form of our most valuable crystal, but one side effect is a form of psychosis among [...]