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Andorian Shen

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Imaru


USS Achana


Avathaimaru Uyaga sh'Jinn

March 11th, 2368

Kal'Ten, Andoria


At first glance, Imaru is emotionless, calm and very rational. However, in an instant, all of the former and can melt away and reveal a very passionate, emotional and aggressive personality. It is the latter that tends to rub other people the wrong way. Imaru does her best to work efficiently, even if it means upsetting some people in the process. She is hard-working, firm yet open with those she encounters. Imaru cannot stand wasted efforts. She is extremely disciplined, possessing a strong sense of duty and personal honor, and will not battle without reason. 


Andorians are Ghelnoids, a fascinating combination of insectoid and mammalian biology. By Andorian standards, Imaru is of average height and weight. Her six foot tall frame towers over most human females. Whilst she has the vertical advantage, Imaru is lithe and slim and she appears fragile; yet that is far from the truth. The melanin in her skin gives her a blue pigment over her entire body. She has plates of cartilage under her skin that act as a partial exoskeleton, providing added strength to her muscles and additional protection to her vital organs. Imaru keeps her silvery-white hair cut short for ease. She possesses a pair of antenna which are vital to her daily functions and a key medium of communication and expression. Andorian visual acuity is well above human standards. Imaru listens by slightly bowing her head, which gives her a false submissive demeanor, but she is actually positioning her antenna to get a better “view” of surrounding occurrences. She often finds the human temperature too warm and regulates her quarters to cooler settings. When she is unable to access the environmental controls, Imaru wears a special-blend Starfleet uniform or wears minimal clothing. Imaru is quite attractive, by Andorian standards.

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Due to her biology, she is capable of lifting twice her own weight and like most Andorians, she is almost as strong as a Vulcan. Imaru is also at least as tough as a Klingon by the way of a high cartilage to bone ratio and the compartmentalization of her organs from physical trauma.


She can survive in arctic temperatures that would kill humans and possesses an extremely efficient circulatory system that keeps her from feeling cramped or stiff. She is ambidextrous.


Imaru is a natural marksmen thanks to the depth perception provided by her antennae. These antennae are actually extensions of her sinus cavities, giving the Andorians a great sensitivity to minute variations in atmospheric pressure and temperature. They have an elevated aural sensitivity and an enormously enhanced sense of smell. The actual receptors are situated within the depressions at the tips of the antennae and are protected by the hard cartilaginous tissue that keeps the antennae rigid. The proximity of hominids can produce a “pins-and-needles” sensation in the antennae. The antennae also express emotion, far more than do the facial muscles, and are the prime indicators of Andorian body language.


Imaru has been living the life of a warrior for a long time. She was enrolled in the Andorian Imperial Guard youth cantonment once she reached double digits in age. Imaru practices two Andorian martial art styles: a devastating kick boxing art called as kharakom and a brutal wrestling art known as hleshvalath. Andorian War College and Starfleet Academy have given her the skills to be a stellar security/tactical officer. War College taught her relentlessness when going on the offensive; attacking for the kill and no mercy. Starfleet Academy showed her how to pick an opponent apart, disable and show compassion. Imaru actually gains a sharper focus during high-stress situations.



For Imaru, caffeine is poisonous. Alcohol is highly intoxicating due to her osmotic circulatory system. She has a phobia of large bodies of water and a fear of drowning. This is a cultural terror she grew up with. Imaru is very susceptible to high temperatures and her body does not have an efficient cooling system. She can lose ten percent of her body weight after spending two days in an environment at the boiling point of water. Imaru is very vulnerable to toxins.


Damage to her antennae can incapacitate her. Because of the importance of the antennae, much of Andorian psychology revolves around these organs. Fear of damage to the antennae is deeper and more widespread than castration-anxiety in humans. Loss of antennae to an Andorian is the equivalent of deafness, muteness, castration and mutilation of the face to a human, and few Andorian warriors will voluntarily choose to live after such an injury. However the antennae do regenerate themselves in time, but the Andorian is at a major disadvantage during the ensuing nine months.

She is not a medical officer by any means. Imaru has passed basic first aid and knows of several natural remedies and physical recovery treatments. Her knowledge of scientific medicine is very limited.



Big picture: Imaru wants to become a starship captain to honor Amaru; protect the Federation and through it; Andoria.


Little picture: Imaru wants revenge on the Nauscians that killed her sister.


She would also like a one-on-one fight against three species; a Klingon, a Gorn and a Nauscican.



Imaru has a large appreciation for the arts. More specifically, she enjoys the visual and audio stimuli in the form of drawings, paintings, and sculpture as well as music. The ability to sense vibration and pitch has led to a cultural preoccupation with music, which was the original basis of Andorian language. Andorian blues is something she grew up with and is considered her folk music. Thusly, she finds keen interest in the folk music of other cultures. When she attended the Academy, she was exposed to some new genres. She has discovered Terran Classical, Latin, Hip-Hop, African, Jazz, Indigenous American, Asian and Samba. Her current Terran fix is lofi and dubstep.


Imaru practices kharakom (kickboxing) and hleshvalath (wrestling) six days a week. Personally owns three Andorian bladed weapons: a Hrisal, which closely resembles a Japanese katana, a pair of Chaka which are tri-bladed hand weapons and a Kal’hri which is an Andorian axe. She also enjoys reading and has a fond appreciation with nature.


Imaru came to this plane in the underground city of Kal’Ten of the central continent on the Andorian homeworld of Andoria. Imaru was born to a proud pair of mothers and fathers, as was tradition. Imaru had a birthing ritual with her twin sister, Amaru, called the Nutak, which is a four day welcome into the world. She showed a natural athletic ability from an early age. The Imperial Guard also learned of her talents and she was quickly enlisted in their youth cantonment at age 10. It was here that Imaru began learning the warrior spirit and passion of her people. Martial arts were daily practice as well as being issued her first bladed weapon.

When Imaru turned 16, she underwent the Remali’y ritual; a test of physical and mental prowess available only to youth cantonment cadets. Imaru was taken to one of the most barren and dangerous places on Andor; the Enessi Mountains. Upon arrival, there was a quick prayer and then she was ordered to relinquish her clothing, weapons and equipment. She was left with a Remali’y knife and was told that if she could survive for fourteen days, she would pass the test. The first few days were fairly reasonable for Imaru to deal with. She secured a shelter, in the form of the mouth of a cave, and she was able to consume some of the scare plant life. She was forced to endure the lack of clothing in the beginning. Her choice of shelter was eventually deemed a poor one as the cave turned out to be occupied by several Tandoks, Andorian wolves. She was forced into a confrontation with the trio of Tandoks that resulted in several battle scars and moderate injuries. Imaru used Tandok fur as a garment to cover the core of her body. By the seventh day, food was very difficult to come by and she had spent a fair amount of time running from Tandoks packs. The confrontation that she had had made her quite the target. She was forced to go higher and higher into the mountains as the Tandoks could not deal with the altitude. By the thirteenth day, Imaru lay motionless. Her breathing was shallow and she felt herself falling into and out of consciousness. Upon the final sunrise was she found by her people, nursed back to health and declared eligible to enter the War College.

War College lasted four years and her sister Amaru was with her every step of the way. Imaru focused on tactical and combat operations and minored in anthropologic studies. Upon college completion, she was declared a tactical officer and assigned to the Andorian Kumari-Class vessel named Akai Zayin.

Within two years, Imaru and Amaru were promoted to 3rd Lieutenant.

The Imperial Guard was nowhere near its former glory in size but still patrolled Andorian space. Starfleet vessels were used to cover the area that the guard could not and this was when Imaru noticed the fondness her sister had for the fleet. Amaru wanted to join Starfleet one day and go beyond the reaches of Andor. Over the next several years, the Akai-Zayin regularly encountered pirates and the like and worked with several Starfleet ships.

Imaru dealt with emergency evacuations of Andorian colonies, pirate raids, criminal cargo trafficking and a border skirmish with a rogue Gorn vessel. Her most grueling and memorable mission to date is also the one she still mourns.

Imaru and Amaru were assigned to lead a security team for the meeting between the Andorian President and a Federation Ambassador. All things checked out to be superb until a very well coordinated team of Nauscians equipped with Jem’Hadar cloaking technology invaded the meeting. It was an assassination attempt. Several members of the Andorian government were wounded but Imaru and her team were able to thwart the enemy. Imaru and Amaru managed to corner the trio of Nauscians in a meeting chamber with the Andorian President. Imaru protected the President and defeated one of the assassins. Amaru managed to wound one of the assassins but was killed by the third. Imaru was immediately grief stricken and charged the remaining Nauscians but they retreated as reinforcements arrived.

Imaru went on extended leave and mourned the loss of Amaru for months. Andorian priests met with Imaru several times to help her through this very trying time; for an Andorian to lose a sibling is highly incapacitating. While going through her sister’s belongings, she discovered a letter that Amaru had been accepted into Starfleet. Imaru remembered her sister’s words and their conversations about how the Imperial Guard was becoming obsolete, that the real way to protect and defend Andoria was to join Starfleet. It was what Amaru always wanted. Imaru was approached by the Imperial Guard to be given command of a small Andorian cutter-ship. Imaru very politely declined.

After smoothing over some logistics, Imaru had decided to take her sister’s place in what Starfleet had to offer. Her background in the Imperial Guard was considered and Imaru was forwarded onto a two year track for foreign officers with Academy training and field experience. The basis of the program was to get Imaru acclimated with Starfleet book knowledge, technology and operations. By the end of the two years, Imaru had completed the training and would soon be assigned as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer of a Starfleet vessel.

Service Record:

Imperial Guard Youth Cantonment – 6 years (age10-16)

Andorian War College – 4 years (age 16-20)

Junior Tactical Officer; IGW Akai Zayin – 2 years (age 20-22)

Assistant Chief Tactical Officer; IGW Akai Zayin – 4 years (age 22-26)

Chief Tactical Officer; IGW Akai Zayin – 4 years (age 26-30)

Starfleet Academy (Foreign Officer Track) – 2 years (age 30-32)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2384 - 2388 War College Cadet Andorian War College
2388 - 2390 Junior Tactical Officer IGW Akai Zayin
2390 - 2394 Assistant Tactical Officer IGW Akai Zayin
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2394 - 2398 Chief Tactical Officer IGW Akai Zayin
2398 - 2400 Foreign Officer Cadet Starfleet Academy (Psi Epsilon III)
2400 - Present Chief Security/Tactical Officer U.S.S. Aquarius