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Profile Overview


Romulan Male

Character Information






A former Romulan Star Navy officer from the higher echelons, Moldohk is known by Starfleet Intelligence as a man that gets the job done. He will not be beaten down by whatever crosses his path and is known to take extreme measures to get what he wants. His patriotic mindset makes him dangerous. He will do anything for the former glory of the Romulan Star Empire, now doing so for the Romulan Independent Faction named Broken Wings.


He got the sides of his hair shaved but long black hair tied into a knot. He got a short black beard that looks relatively clean and dark blue eyes. His height is 1.84 meters and his weight is about 78 kg. He has several scars on his body from his time of service in the Romulan Star Navy.


Moldohk is someone with an extroverted attitude. He has intuitive, thinking, and judging personality traits. Moldohki is a decisive person who enjoys the momentum of his accomplishments. He is known not to hesitate to make hard choices. Moldohk is a charismatic person that shows self-confidence and is strong-willed and energetic. He can inspire his soldiers to stand with him in the field. He is efficient in his actions.

Furthermore, he is known to be a dominant person, quite arrogant and impatient with getting results. Moldohk is known to be cold and ruthless when making choices that benefit the Romulan Star Empire.


Starfleet Intelligence – Report on Moldohk

Of Moldohk earlier years is not much found or shared by the Tal’Shiar.  What is known about Moldohk is that he is a survivor of the Dominion War while serving on various Romulan Star Navy vessels. He was listed as one of the survivors of the Battle of the Omarian Nebula that was a significant blow for the Romulans against the Dominion. In 2374 Moldohk name pops up again, being involved as part of the strike force that attacked various Dominion ships after the Dominion murdered a Romulan senator. Moldohk appears in the records as being rescued by the USS Manhattan after the Battle of Cardassia, deciding the result of the Dominion War.

For a while, Starfleet Intelligence could not keep track of Moldohk as he was given the status of non-dangerous. But in 2384, he pops back onto the radar after showing extreme protest of Starfleet involvement in relocating the Romulan people during the planetary crisis of Romulus. In 2399, he became the Commanding Officer of the U’ras, an Oh’s warbird. Starfleet has marked him as highly dangerous and is now responsible for the kidnap of Captain Sazra Praugol.