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Profile Overview

Bok Xasin

Bolian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Ensign Xasin


CE (Chief Engineer)
USS Liris


Bok Xaim Xasin

July 24th, 2375

Bolarus IX, Bolarus System


Previously posted on the Aldebaron III-orbiting Narendra-class starbase, Bok Xasin is an Operations officer, specialising in Impulse Engines and EPS Systems. He is often overenthusiastic, seeing as his lifelong dream has been to be in Starfleet, and now that he is here, he wants to do his best.

He also often has problems with people misunderstanding his overenthusiasm as disrespect, but most have gotten over it.


Bok is, as most Bolians are, quite chubby, but he uses this to his advantage, just as a sumo wrestler would. When needed, he can run and ram his opponents. He also has quite a powerful punch, and can do some good kicking.

Otherwise, he isn’t really different from most other Bolians, though his cartilaginous ridge is quite a lot more pronounced, making him recogniseable in a crowd of Bolians from half a kilometer away.


As mentioned before, he is very enthusiastic about what he does, and follows orders to the letter, and tries his hardest to not let anyone down. In private, though, he is much less enthusiastic.

He often has social anxiety, which means that he has problems talking and making his voice heard in a large group of people. Because of this, people often don’t notice him, or take note of his ideas, even though most of the time they are quite good ideas.

When he is alone, or with a close friend, this is when he can really pop off. In situations like these, he is chatty, communicable and friendly. He rarely gets angry, but when he does, it’s a light anger, he very, very rarely gets in fights, almost never.


Born on Bolarus IX in 2378 to 2 Starfleet veterans, Bok was always encouraged to follow in their steps and become a Starfleet officer. As such, he also spent a lot of his childhood traveling on starships, particularly the Reliant-class ship which was captained by her mother.

During his childhood, he’d often use his telescope to look out the window of his quarters on his mother’s ship, looking out to the stars, knowing that one day, he’ll be out there, exploring the stars.

While he was there, he developed an affinity for Engineering, particularly impulse engines. He would often try to help out the engineers, and most of the time, his ideas weren’t bad, they just weren’t heard, which developed his social anxiety. While there, Bok also learned a lot about his second favourite Engineering specialty, EPS Systems. When repairing minor damage to these systems, he’d often accompany actual engineers and help them with repairs.

After being an assistant to the engineers on his mother’s ship, at the age of 18, he finally enterd into Starfleet Academy, moving to the campus on Earth. While he was in Starfleet Acadamy,  his ideas were finally taken note of, seeing as he was together with people of his age, and as such, he excelled in his classes, often coming up with creative solutions to Engineering problems.
During his time there, he founded the Academy Engineering Club, with which he often hosted holodeck simulations of ships, during which they’d solve various problems that had arisen on these ships.

And so, in 2397, at the age of 22, he graduated from Starfleet Academy, specialising in Engineering, with Engineering Minors in EPS Systems and, of course, Impulse Engines.

After graduation, he was assigned to a Starbase in orbit of Aldebaron III, where he served in the Command Center as one of the coordinating engineers and experts in Starbase Power Systems.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2397 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth Campus
2397 - 2400 Engineering Coordinator Aldebaron III Starbase
2397 - 2400 Starbase Power Systems Specialist Aldebaron III Starbase
2400 - Present Chief Engineer USS Liris