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Profile Overview


Romulan-Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Srathem


Romulan Civilian
USS Mogrus (Archive)


Arrhae i-Srathem e’Anderson t’Asenth



At 5’1, with a dark bowl-cut of hair above dark brown eyes, Asenth looks every bit the moody teenager. She dresses the part, too, going for simple long-sleeve black shirts and dark pants in the Romulan style. She tends to hunch up out of sight, vanishing into the corners and edges of rooms, and generally is so quiet that people will sometimes forget she’s even there.


Quiet, unassuming, but clever and intelligent, Asenth is actually quite well-adjusted if her intense upbringing and life trauma are taken into account. She’s shy, not just of people, but of the world, but doesn’t let that fear rule her. In fact, it often drives her to take unnecessary risks, as she generally confronts her fears in as head-on a manner as possible. Some of this is due to guilt over moments of inaction in her past, which she replays constantly in her mind, but there is also an innate curiosity beneath all the trauma that spins relentlessly and with a great deal of passion.