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Profile Overview

Shavar Ward

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Ward


USS Mogrus (Archive)


Shavar Ward


Channus Colony, Beta Quadrant


Standing at the tall edge of average, Shavar Ward is a handsome, outgoing person who gets by on the shine of his smile and the twinkle in his eye. His short brown hair crowns his head like a tight dark cloud, and he keeps it neatly trimmed at the same length. He allows himself a somewhat unfashionable mustache that miraculously looks charming on his boyish face, but he shaves down the rest of his face to the stubble every day. When in uniform, he can’t help but keep adjusting it, mostly as a matter of anxious habit than need. Out of uniform, he prefers light clothing, corduroy, and a mix of blues and desert-earth tones.


Ward’s go-get-em upbeat personality disguises a wealth of feeling he rarely lets others see, as well as a passion for his duty as a Starfleet officer that drives everything he does. Outgoing to a fault, he rarely goes beyond the surface level with people, preferring to keep himself distant, especially from strong emotions — a distance he creates through humor and general aloofness. He does, however, take his job very seriously, and treats his work as an art form, an extension of his soul.



Shavar grew up on Channus Colony at the edge of the Beta Quadrant, surrounded by five siblings, a loving extended family, and every likelihood of one day taking over the family business. While the Federation’s UBI system made sure that colony life could never be “poor”, Channus was too small to offer much in the way of luxuries. The Ward family ran a small import business, accepting the colonists’ spare energy credits in exchange for bringing in all manner of wanted items from across the quadrant.

By the time Shavar turned fifteen, he already knew how to pilot the shuttle attached to his family’s old cargo freighter and had been on more low-warp runs than many Starfleet cadets. He took to the little ways of space flight like a fish takes to water, and when he turned seventeen, his proud parents wholeheartedly welcomed his decision to enter Starfleet.

Initially, Shavar planned to enlist rather than apply to the Academy. However, his entrance questionnaire placed him higher than the average student, and The Academy reached out with a formal invitation to sit the full exams. He accepted the challenge and, the very next semester, found himself heading to the Azivana System and the nearest Academy campus for his first year of studies.

Academy Life

Shavar did not, frankly, excel during his first two years of Academy life. He struggled to adapt to the culture of the campus, made no friends, and soon began slacking on his classes. Luckily, one of his instructors took notice and helped him get in touch with the campus counselor’s office. It took some doing, but Shavar didn’t want to fail — and with real help, he was able to pull his studies back from the brink of failure.

Starfleet Service

After graduation, Shavar spent two years aboard the USS Endemnis, where he showed both skill and dedication enough to earn himself superb marks in his yearly reports. The Endemnis was a combat ship on a volatile patrol route, providing the young ensign with more than a few opportunities to prove himself. When Allan Alia-Ledgard offered him the chance of a lifetime—sole pilot’s duties aboard a small starship dealing with hot-button situations, he jumped at it.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2396 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Azivana System Branch
2396 - 2398 Flight Control Officer USS Endemnis
2398 - Present Pilot USS Mogrus